Some uncertainties when translating

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Hello. I've collected some "lines" that were strange to me and i guess to some other translators, so...this post could be helpful to everybody. Some things are pretty hard to translate if u don't understand the meaning :)

First of all i would like to ask DO i HaVe tO Look oUt for uppercase and lowercase (CAPS) when translating ? Some "lines" are all UPPERCASE some are lowercase other "lines" Have Capitalized Each Word.

Secondly, i've played as a "Grunt" and as a "Commander" but i do not understand what is or how does this work... "BACTERIAL_RECEPTORS_TOOLTIP (Enemies on infestation show up on hive sight)" Can someone explain so i can translate it with meaning. :)

BADGE_COMMUNITY_DEV (Community Developer)
BADGE_DEV (Developer)
BADGE_DEV_RETIRED (Retired Developer)
BADGE_REINFORCED3 (Reinforced Gold)
BADGE_REINFORCED4 (Reinforced Diamond)
BADGE_WC2013_GOLD (World Championship 2013 Gold)
BADGE_WC2013_SHADOW (World Championship 2013 Shadow)
...should badges be translated ?

...I am at a loss here :) i don't see the difference between these two "lines", what do i do with them ?

...what/where is this ?

CONSTRUCT (Construct)
...dual nature of these words confuse me, what is their intended meaning ?

DISORIENT (Disorient)
...spell or not ? What/where is this ?

ESCAPE (Escape)
...what/where/spell/menu ?

...ummmm do i translate this, it this a spell, is it in the game, not sure what to do with this ?

PREV (Prev) this "Previous" like in the Menu somewhere, can't find it. If not, what is it ?

...there isn't anything between the brackets so not sure what to put there ?


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    Ok as i'm the german translator and a ns lua dev i'll try to answer you most of those questions.

    Upper or lower case depends mostly on design deccissions you find in ns2. Like mostly all menu links are completely upper class. You should try to keep the vanilla design about this.

    About "BACTERIAL_RECEPTORS_TOOLTIP", "DISORIENT" and "FEINT_VEIL_TOOLTIP": those are like many other strings you might find leftovers of some old game elements. Try to just translate them based on the english string or just skip those.

    Badges are the names for badges shown at the scoreboard if you click at them. So you should translate them as far as possible so your users get the meaning of them.

    "COMMANDER_HELP" is the commander help option in the option menu.

    "ESCAPE" and "PREV" are used in the vote menu. Afaik prev and next is used to navigate throw the player name pages at the kick vote ;)

    COMM_SEL_BUILDING = building a unit like robo factory is building arcs. COMM_SEL_CONSTRUCTING = building gets built ;)

    Void meams "completely empty" so yeah that string has to be "" :D
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