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@Flayra‌, is the Client / Server code still available in the download space for release 1.03?
If not, could it be made available?

We are planning a lan party for the end of the month, and I would like to be able to drop this on some people, as the balance in 1.03 allowed you to have the epicly long 3/4 hour games of territorial tug of war if played right.

Thank you, and the Unknown Worlds team for NS, and the fantastic job done on NS II.


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    Sounds like fun.

    You can still find the files at at under install and server directories. I remember the 1.03 and 1.04 servers having memory leaks or something that made them eventually slow down to a crawl no matter how fast of a computer you had.

    1.03 does not work with the steam version of HL. If you have to use the steam version, there is a Steam-ized version of NS1.04 you could use. If you use the non-steam HL (with the patch, I think?) that should run OK.

    If you're going to play 1.03. Someone will remember the 1.03 exploits. Mainly stopcommandermode, possibly infinite energy exploits (impulse command) but that may have been an earlier version. Reloading directly from the armory when your spare ammo is full for mega GL-spam. Several minor exploits like toggling the flashlight on and off to build faster and get ammo from the armory faster, silent crouched bunnyhopping, disabling the muzzle flash with r_drawviewmodel 0 etc. You should set up some ground rules on what can and cannot be done.

    Jetpacks and some other things were very highly framerate dependent and allow infinite jetpacking when your framerate sits pegged at 100 (not sure about 60).

    The "gamma ramp" used by NS does not work properly on modern computer screens/operating systems, so the game will be very dark (1.0x maps were very dark/high contrast in general). To "emulate" the effect NS used on a modern ATI card you push the contrast slider all the way to 175 or so. this is NOT gamma; if you up the gamma setting everything will be washed out and bleak. Uping the contrast just proportionately brightens everything and causes bright lights to be overbrightened. This little trick made NS look a lot nicer than it had any right to do and reproduced the look and feel of HDR rendering with tone mapping without any extra burden, without of course being "physically accurate". For a modern nvidia card I'm sure there's something equivalent.
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