Collision Command - Fix this atrocity NOW!

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I have just learned about this today and I am floored. How could something like this possibly be in the game, for everyone to use?

The guy who told me about it mentioned how its useless because of the significant FPS drop. I however had an average 35fps with it enabled and I could probably improve that number by disabling various settings. (I run the game maxed out + several NV Control Panel tweaks) Not to mention my hardware is dated now and I'm sure I could push that number to 50+ with an upgrade.

But that's just half the story. I had the "brilliant" idea to bind that command to a Macro on my mouse, so I was able to turn it on/off within a second. I played a few rounds that way and my K/D went through the roof! I got so many kills that I would have never gotten otherwise. I found so many shaded entities and took them out, I think it easily made us win just because of that. I could just scan a room real quick upon entering and knew everything. And I didn't even pass the info along to my teammates, just imagine how much more of an advantage it would have been otherwise!

This seriously needs to be addressed quickly and removed or placed under the "cheat" commands. Its a game breaker! I'm starting to question a lot of players now and their skills. I hope someone from UWE reads this post and does something about it.
Furthermore, if it is possible to globally disable that command via serverconfig or something like that, please let me know.


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    What the heck kind of rig do you have that can run that at 35fps. I got some really great hardware and I got 20 fps when I played around with that.
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    A recording I just took, i7 4770k on stock speeds. Yes its an empty server but I dont drop past 30fps. Its a big hit to my usual 140+ but its certainly playable. I personally wouldnt choose to do it but with a keybind toggle it is a problem.
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    I agree that this needs to be locked behind the cheat command.

    I've always questioned those few certain players who can see a 100% invisible not moving life form under ANY circumstances... Even at ridiculous ranges and in the dark where there's no way they could EVER see the "shimmer" ...

    Pretty much every time this is brought up though people just dismiss it. "The fps hit makes it not a problem" "You can see the shimmer easier, no need for that" etc etc.

    Bottom line, there is not one valid reason why this shouldn't be locked under the cheat commands. I am 100% certain that there are players who have this macro'd to gain an unfair advantage. (and their outlook on it is probably something like "everyone can do it so it's not unfair")
  • cooliticcoolitic Right behind you Join Date: 2013-04-02 Member: 184609Members
    Agreed should be locked behind cheat command. Also, as samusdroid pointed out, there was already a discussion on this.

    Someone bring one of the devs here and tell em to fix it.
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    If they won't fix the unknown server bug thing why would they fix this?
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    Because the unknown server bug is an engine problem and the fix for this is wrapping the the code to do this in a
    if Shared.GetCheatsEnabled() then
        turn on collision

    in a lua file.
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