What to do when you die

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Lets say you are exploring a cave and get lost and run out of air. What's going to happen?

I'd like players to have a true sense of fear as they approach certain aspects of the game. While I agree perma-death provides good motivation for players to stay out of trouble, it also can restrict their freedom to just "have fun". Something not-quite-perma-death, but still very undesirable needs to happen.

Ways to accomplish this (brainstorming):
1. Loosing that particular crew member (at least temporarily)
2. Having to return to the scene to get a very-rare item on the dead player
a) or the dead player themselves (maybe they're just "mostly dead")
3. Remaining crew looses morale, etc., making them less efficient?
4. Other ideas???

For reference, here are the most common results of game-death (with commentary):
- Respawn (as same player) - nanites? - Do I fear anything?
- Respawn (as the next available crewman)
- If you run out of crew, end of game.
- End of game - ala Roguelike perma-death. - Please let me have fun.
- Reload to last saved game - Ugh. Please don't make me do this too much.

If the game hasn't ended, here are some common side-effects of dying:
- Penalize player (loose time/tech/$/whatever)
- Go back to where they died and collect their gear
- Go back and collect their body, to bring them back to be revived
- Recruit more crew


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