SubNautica's Setting

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Would be nice to have a name for the planet we'll be exploring.
Giving it a fictional name is overdone and easy.
Let me demonstrate...: Nebulus Aria 4 Majoris III

How about a real life setting?
The moon of Jupiter, Titan is encased in miles of ice, but it is possible that the moon holds a molten core.
This means that it is possible that there is an entire underwater ocean encased in ice on the moon of Titan.
THIS GAME.... will be about the first human to ever visit Titan, a research mission, in uncharted waters, under miles of ice, somehow because of space video game logic, the ice is thin enough so that sunlight can pass through the ice or something....
i dunno...

Just throwing ideas out there.

Or there could be a contest, a raffle or a vote or user submitted ideas or the name of the planet(s) we'll be exploring


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