Ambient Background music:

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I wanted you to check out this 30+ year old artist from sweden that has recently going into darker sounds and creative atmospheres:

This one sounds like you are inside a cave:

you could EASILY cut a deal with him for all round production, even if you had a score written for the game already this guy has some nice talant and produces 24/7!:


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    Sounds nice, but i was really hoping for a more music from inside your submarine kind of feel. While you are adventuring, you are also isolated. ambient sounds should help reinforce this.
    Those two pieces feel more like a oooh loads of things to see explorey explorey. and they don't help highlight the danger of the deep sea.
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    lol, I wonder how @Sy1K1 feels about you offering out his job?? :P

    The tracks you hear with each of the Concept pieces are being created alongside them. I personally think they set the scene very well, and I am looking forward to hearing more :D
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