Release platforms? + eastereggs?

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Any chance for other systems then windows... Steambox or maybe ps4 support? Will there be controller support? This game sounds like it could be fun to sit back and play on a bigscreen tv with a really good surround sound system.

While thinking about this game I was wondering if it could be a little like minecraft. Any chance for user made worlds that are premade with unique places/bosses and somekinda quest line/story. Or with some really hard to trigger/find eastereggs. If the game is single player could you guys at least have npc crew workers that you would command and order around.

Also you have to add a underwater alien base where you can get really rare items if you dont get caught.

And is there going to be a kickstarter for this game?


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    ffbox222 wrote: »
    This game sounds like it could be fun to sit back and play on a bigscreen tv with a really good surround sound system.

    I second this.

    Also, I think one of the advantages of unity is multi platform support... take KSP. Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.
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    Good idea, though I dont' even have any of the next gen consoles...
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    It will be made on unity, which I believe supports Mac andLinux, so it should work on SteamOS which is Linux based.

    The PS4 and Xbone I think they'll need an SDK for them (correct me if I'm wrong). The consoles do have the same system architecture as a PC, which will make the process easier. but still it doesn't seem as if it will be released for consoles at launch (if at all).
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    Yeah, I'd say controller support is a sure bet. It's a slower paced first person game, which is pretty perfect for game pads.
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    What I find fascinating is the preconceptions people have for this game. I see all these ideas and suggestions. So many people who talk about this game with such a clear image of what they think they'll be getting as if it was already here.
    Meanwhile, all the devs have let slip is a bit of concept art, some tech aspects and of course a setting with a very vague description of what the game might be. For any specific questions the answer is usually "we don't know, we haven't decided yet, we talked about it".

    My guess is that part of the reason why they let the concept loose so early is because they want to shape the game based on these preconceptions. Its essentially a built in focus group.
    This approach is brilliant but somewhat flawed because it may lead to a game that some people want but may also be a disappointment that wont live up to the expectations of others.

    I, for one, am rather curious to find out which way that scale will tip when the game is ready. Best of luck to the devs though. At the very least its great seeing a studio that doesn't just cling to a tried and true formula while beating it to death with iterations.
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    I think we have been pretty specific about a lot of big things. For example, we have decided to not have traditional FPS combat in the game, and rather focus more on interesting exploration. If you're looking for a game where you shoot a lot of fish, we have said pretty definitively that this isn't that game. So, in that sense, I feel like we are managing expectations to the extent that we can. If we aren't specific, it's because we just honestly don't know ourselves.
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    Maxx, this is the UWE way of doing things though..

    Open communication about the development and ideas. It is part of their philosophy, and while it may back-fire with some people's preconceptions, the overall process and openness is a much better and friendlier way to develop, the community feels much more a part of the game this way.

    I like the approach myself, and long may iit continue, into many other games as well.
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