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I hope this game allows for personal flaunting. Nothing better than showing people your power,beauty, and true mastery in a game. Like if some newbie is exploring in his mini sub and he happens to take minutes to swim by a veterans sub... in awwweee. just saying. "how do i get that big......." Just roaming the sea like a boss. I also hope they eventual allow for underwater cities that you can control... again being a boss..

some questions

1 What kind of progression system will be in this game?
2 Is there an "end game"?
3 What type if any currency is in game?
3a How is it acquired?
3b what is it used for?
4 Will SN have different classes of subs
5 how big will a server be? (playable area)
6 How many players to a server
7 Combat?
8 Will this be based on any real science?
9 Can you alter the game world for other players.
10 is this a long term game(like a character in wow)


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    I think you've veered off from what the game is going to be.
    As far as i know it's NOT multiplayer thereby rendering most of your questions null and void. and if it will be multiplayer it's going to be a co-op experience. Underwater cities in a deep sea exploration game? ....... You've gone and you can't come back.
    I mean it's not like the information is hidden or anything, you can easily go look for answers to most of those questions.
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    1. We don't know any details, but there will be upgradeable/ interchangeable parts? and rooms to the sub, (so I guess technically 4: there might be different "archetypes" of subs)...
    2. Well I would hope so, but we don't know exactly.
    3. Resources from the ocean I'm guessing, I don't know about monetary currency.
    4. (see 1)
    5. Well they've been talking mainly about singleplayer and multiplayer coming later (after release?) and it will most likely be coop not open world competitive...
    6. ?????? I don't think ANYONE knows that
    7. Mostly defensive measures against animals, such as distractions and probably some form of stun or slow (Moba terms ftw: CC!)
    8. No idea
    9. Not sure... I think there's a thread about that (I'd prefer the world be what it is)
    10. No idea
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