Linux vs Windows players

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I'm curious how many active Linux players NS2 currently has (vs Windows players). There are very few *popular* native Linux FPS or RTS games. Does UW collect this stat?


  • shonanshonan Join Date: 2013-01-28 Member: 182562Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    I dont think most people bother as OpenGL performance is horrible.
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    I'd play but the developers behind this game don't seem to really like bugfixing. The game is currently unplayable on Linux since it's not compiling shaders. That's an issue that was reported months ago, they said they'd look into it but as of now, nothing came from it.

    Back when the game was playable, the performance of the game itself wasn't that good either.
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    With Nvidia it works last I heard, on AMD drivers it's broken.
    Haven't tried with the open source AMD drivers yet.
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    I play on Linux and have no bugs....I guess I'm in the minority here

    I AM using an Nvidia card though.....
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