FALL UNDER THE MAP - Docking landing pad glitch

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SOMEHOW I FELL UNDER LANDING PAD! and it happened in a public game yesterday:

i assumed this was "fixed" among the freshly removed tunnels from the top of landing pad roof...
as some jetpackers was chasing me i wanted to take the easy way out and jump down as you can tell in the bery end of the video but somehow i healead my way passt the death barrier.

i could luckely not recreate this the next 7 lives as a skulk so tell me if this has happened to you or if it was just a fluke. I must have hit some kind of gap of 1 missing pixel of collision or something.


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    Ive seen this before.. hmm
  • RadimaXRadimaX Join Date: 2013-02-05 Member: 182840Members
    so its not only happen to me then? the minimap shows where i am but i falled down close to the bridge connecting landing pad/terminal near the windows and 2 paths with warning texture.
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    The death trigger just needs to be made taller is all.
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    Yeah, I took my skulk on top of the tunnel entrance into cafeteria and evolved to an ono. During the evolution period I had accrued enough res to add aura to my ono. As soon as I clicked to do the second evolution, my egg fell through the floor to die. 80+ res in the trash :( I didn't even move between the first and second evolves!

    This was especially frustrating because I had organized my entire team to make a raid on their last base. Without the ono, the raid failed and gave the enemy a chance to regroup and raid our base completely turning the game. Very disappointing :(
  • RadimaXRadimaX Join Date: 2013-02-05 Member: 182840Members
    yes this perticulary happens when i hide to make gorge rush or tunnel and have countless deaths in the pits of hell, only in this very scenario i oddly enough even survived!
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