Gorgetunnels are broken/buggy

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It always happens and it is gamebreaking :(

There two Bugs that are annoying ...

you have already 2 Tunnel exits up, then you decide to move 1 tunnel exit to an other location.
so you plant a third tunnel exit what destroys one of the previous planted exits and connects the other exit with the new planted ...
so far so good :D
BUT it shows the wrong connection on the map ... sometimes it even does not show the new tunnel
so on the map it still looks like the old tunnel connection
this cause some people not to use the tunnel (cuz it maybe shows a an old route far from the front or something)


You have 2 Tunnel exits up and the rines dare to kill one exit ... now you are down to 1 exit again ...
if you now place the second tunnel exit somewhere it does not connect to the first exit in like all cases

Please fix this ... it is so annoying ...

I hoped you fix this in the reinforcement update, well ... you did not :(
now it is even worse with the higher price for the gorge!
(sorry if this is known already ... but since there is no fix for many weeks i thought it might be unknown)

changed the color to make Draptor and his god happy ;)
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    While I agree with you, for the love of god remove the colored text in that post.
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    After these bugs are dealt with, remove all the crap in the way so the gorge can bellyslide from one side to the other. : D
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    Oh nice :)
    thank you for the information SteveRock
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    going into a gorge tunnel as marine locked my game up for 3 minutes. I thought this thread would be about something similar
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    SteveRock wrote: »
    We're on it.
    "We're on it." would be more reassuring if it were a subtle, new bug. This ones been well-known for 6 months.

    Do you mean it's been moved up on the neglected to-do list?
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    Moved to tech support.

    @yehawmcgraw :
    Despite your tone I thought I'd give some insight..
    Bugs don't get fixed like you would assume from a consumer point of view, being 100% fixed every time a patch is sent out. We have hundreds and hundreds still reported, with varying age.
    It's triage, baby.
    Gorge tunnels showing the wrong path on the map are just constantly shadowed by client crashes, weapons broken, physics issues and graphical artifacts etc etc.. Our internal builds are statistically more broken than working (meaning able to actually play without a show stopper)

    So yes.. Things are prioritized when you don't have a 100 staff dev team and an EA budget. Welcome to incremental indie game development, friend. ;-)
    QUOTE (Techercizer @ Feb 3 2012, 10:47 AM) »
    Every time you ask for troubleshooting without providing system info, ATI adds a rendering bug for an upcoming game.

    When you feel you need to be rude or angry about a game, just read these links and remember what role you are playing:
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    Yeah see what you mean, I can think of some of the recent big glitches that got fixed in a day
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    well, what you say is sure right ... but I do not understand why this bug is/was not on the top priority part of the list
    those things you mention are mostly things that are on certain hard/software configurations and affect mostly small or very small player groups
    even if it is importand to fix all problems, ofcourse ... (not talking about the many recent problems of "reinforced", the tunnel bug is very old)
    those broken tunnels affect all players and do chenage outcome of matches for everyone, and it got worse with the higher price of the gorge now
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