Suggestion: Make mines drain energy as well as health

jostoljostol Join Date: 2012-11-04 Member: 166659Members, Reinforced - Shadow
I'm sick of fades easily setting off 2-3 mines and blinking away, not to mention draining energy would make mines more useful in the later game.
If an alien wants to set off a mine they shouldn't be able to escape so easily.


  • CragChristCragChrist Join Date: 2013-05-15 Member: 185239Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    Mines are meant to be area denial in the early game. Later on they resort more to chip damage. If you could essentially kill a fade with a 15 pres purchase by simply dropping mines on the floor, they'd be way too powerful. My only complaint is that with the better skulk movement and new biomass system, mines lose their edge very quickly since even a skilled skulk can set off mines and live and after some biomass is up, he can face-tank them like a boss.

    Since they're only useful so early, I could see a slight price reduction being justified or resorting to 2 mines for 10 pres. Having the ability to kill skulks from across the map is indeed powerful and 5 per mine could still be justifiable. Making mines 2 for 10 pres reduces the investment for mines and allows marine comm to drop 4 instead of awkwardly being left with 5 res / 2 with welder (though comm should mostly be in chair).
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