Commander sound bug

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This bug has been around for at least 10 builds.

If a gorge has used bile bomb in a room at any point of the game, every time you scroll over that room as a commander, the bile bomb splash can be heard again. And it never goes away. This means that in a long game with a lot of bile bomb usage, scrolling over the map as a commander is nothing but a big SPLASHSPLASHSPLASHPLASHPALSHPASHPASLHASLH. This applies to other sounds as well, but bile bomb is the most noticeable and persistent.

How hard can it be to fix something like this that can be reproduced every game?


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    Isn't exclusive to the commander. Anyone phasing into an area (probably happens with gorge tunnels too) that has been previously biled can get the SPLASHSPLASHSALSLSHASSHH sound effects also.
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    Also happens when phasing and occasionally hatching from an egg.
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