Naming the September Content Update - Natural Selection 2



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    Hugh wrote: »
    'X is a great piece of content. It is lucky that UWE hasn't tried making X official. People love X. If UWE made X official, X would not get updated as often, NS2 would get buggier and get updated less often, and both X and NS2 would get significantly worse.'


    It depends on what content you are talking about. If it's pertaining to community made models/maps, then there is no "maintaining" required. Just take TF2 as an example of the community made content that has been made official and incorporated into the game.

    Now if you talk about features that require coding, then I can see your point.
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    What about Agressive Outbreak, meaning aliens expansion, an outbreak into linux, and with the marines there will be an outbreak too about a lot of players playing with female marine.

    I know that is not small, I think Outbreak is good but needs an emphasis to make the title feeling stronger.

    On the otherside I like Morphosis too, is more into the natural selection theme about development of the species and tecnology.
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    I agree with all your points except...
    If just having a female marine, Linux support, and Biodome is a disappointment to you, then it would be best to wait and see what else arrives before deciding id that disappointment is warranted.

    I always love new content, however for me personally female marine & linux support has no benefit for me. So really this announcement is just a new map, when I already have access to tonnes of custom maps provided by the community.

    I can't hate on UWE though, we've had LuaJIT and Balance Mod integrated into the game which are absolutely fucking amazing and have made the game 5000x more enjoyable.

    I was having my fingers crossed for eclipse + biodome :(
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    It looks like Hugh said there's more to the update than what they already announced though.
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    "Survival Update" - Because Natural Selection (Darwin's) is all about surviving. Also comes with nice captions: "Join the struggle for survival NOW" - "Will you manage to survive?"

    "Predator Update" - Same reason. Sounds nice, maybe a bit worn out. Or "P&P" - "Predator and Prey". Caption "What are you?"

    "Swarm Update" - Hard to make a connection. Sounds nice. Same for "Impact".

    From the proposed ones I like Biodiversity and Evolution best. Chrysalis and Outbreak are pretty nice, too.
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    I propose " Etno " in the anim Space Goofs.


    A caractere in this anim, his name is " Gorgious ", so i propose this name for the next big update !!

    Love & Respect,

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    I dont think Gorgeous will be trumped or equalled, and some of these suggestions are so contrived.

    I'd settle for Natural Selection 2: patch 25x
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    The expression "Law of the Jungle" describes the fact that in the jungle only the strong prevail, so it's basically describing natural selection. Given that Biodome brings a bit of jungle to Natural Selection 2, I think "Natural Selection 2: Law of the Jungle-Update" would be awesome
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    Natural selection 2
    The return of the gorge
    The gorge strikes back
    A new Gorge
    The phantom Gorgeous
    Gorge Wars
    The gorge and the beast
    Gorge Darwin
    The Gorge Cometh
    Oh sorry did you want things other than gorge related names?
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    Natural Shelection.

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    Can't get over 'Catalysis.' @Koruyo you genius.
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    The BUS Patch?

    Fall 2013?
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    You cannot be dissapointed becosue its not just female marine, Linux support, and Biodome

    What Hugh is trying to say is.....there is ALSO female marine animations haha no but for real...
    Is it 1 map and the georgewebs+granades that some servers already been running for over a month or two?
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    Oh wait no i've got it... how about
  • DeskLampDeskLamp Australia Join Date: 2013-02-03 Member: 182783Members
    Natural Selection 2: The God Complex
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    I'd have thought Mutagenesis would be a good one. Five syllables, so one more than catalysis - but seems more relevant - especially to the title of the game and its adaptation.
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    Fadelicious (already exists on internet)
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    hozz wrote: »
    How about Biomass?
    Sounds cool and fits the balance mod as well as the Biodome theme, and implies NS2 has a lot of content now.

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    Keep it simple. "the september update" or "the biodome update" seems fine.
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    Natural Selection 2: Adapt or Die!
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    the full complement of genetic material within an organism
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    NS2: Equality
    Aimed mostly at equality between sexes with added female marine. BUT! You can play around a lot with the word E-quality, like E- sports. Also the quality portion could be played around with as it could be used as a seal of approval on how you devellop NS2, with quality!

    Short, simple word. Eyebrows will be raised: "What has become equal?!" and so on =)

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    Natural Selection 2: Purdy Plants
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    Ok down the list:

    * Biodiversity
    - No. Use this is you ever add more function making the game more diverse. While you have big chances coming, this would perhaps have been a better update name for like say 250.
    * Reinforcements
    - seeing as the aliens get no reinforcements.. dunno. Seems not to cover it wholly, only with the female marine.
    * Evolved
    - When i think evolved I think ns1 > ns2 or 249 > 250. changed, become different.
    * Morphosis
    - graphic overhaul in the future perhaps?
    * Augmentation
    - Why not 'Augment'?
    1. To make (something already developed or well under way) greater, as in size, extent, or quantity: Continuing rains augmented the floodwaters.
    It adds in quantity by a map, greater by adding a female marine, and it extents by linux support.
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    Jekt wrote: »
    How about a name that average steam guy Joe doesn't need to google first, hmm? A first impression impact is worthless if the definition of the word you're using to imply a new and improved version of your product needs to first be defined to the person you're trying to strike.

    Nearly all of the names you proposed are terrible for this reason. Catalysis, while cute, isn't what I would use either. On top of it not being simple to define or even translate in relevance to an update - it's difficult to even pronounce.

    Out of the suggestions so far, I would vote for Biomass also. A simple word, alien-esqe, easy to read and pronounce in the head, ties together to the actual content of the update.

    Thank you Jekt.... this is what I've been trying to get across. Hugh just doesn't seem to get it and is fixated on a "cute" name as you put it.
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    How about "Natural Selection 2 Femdom"- uprgade?
    Like in fem(ale) - (bio)dom?

    Other than that "Biomass" and "Anthesis" are my favs so far.
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    After the Greek godess of war, b/c femme marine. I admit it doesn't tie well with biodome/plants or linux support though : /

    Or: Diffusion

    Because NS2 branches into new "areas" (biodome/linux)
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    I don't really have a suggestion of a name, but if these big updates are going to be a "thing" I would suggest doing something similar to what eve-online does with their free expansion updates, they have a naming scheme for their patches naming them after bible chapters:
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