button issues with new patch (240)

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ever since the release of the gorgeous patch ive been experiencing severe button pressing issues with my alien lifeforms. i use a keyboard key to use my hive ability (leap/blink/spikes) and ive been having to hit the button twice or three times to get it to respond. its like an 75% chance that ill have to hit the button twice for it to work.

obviously, there is a ton of issues with that. like not being able to propel myself forward by tapping blink, or having to hit the spike button twice while in a battle that requires extreme precision and accuracy.

ok so end of rant or tl;dr -- is anyone having problems with hive abilities/gorge structure dropping since the update? almost like you cant hit multiple keys at once anymore.


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    Can't say I've met anyone who plays with such a configuration, but no worries. We'll look into it. :)

    Out of curiosity, what key do you have it set to? Are you sure you're not overloading your keyboard with input? Pressing too many keys at once can bottleneck it, and certain key combinations bottleneck easier than others.
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    I have it bound to kp_end -- I use arrow keys for strafing and my whole movement config is basically on the bottom right of the keyboard. I never had a single issue before this build.. everything worked perfectly since I started playing in build 209

    (edit) example : playing lerk, flying at a marine attempting to spike until in bite range, then taking a bite, flying up towards the ceiling and spiking above the marine. at this point in the battle is where i find myself hitting the key twice three times as its not responsive like it should immediately be.

    example 2 : playing fade, shadow stepping into range of a marine, hitting a swipe mid shadow step followed by a blink to direct myself back towards the marine. when trying to blink as a fade i find myself almost 90% of the time hitting blink 3 times before it responds. this makes for an unplayable fade unfortunately.

    hopefully this is a bug that can be easily fixed, because not a single thing has changed on my setup from 239 to 240 and this was suddenly the case on my first experience of the build. tried multiple servers, and rebinding keys. also did a buttons "stress test" mashing 6 or 7 action keys and attempting to spike/blink. worked on the first try (as it does 50% or the time) so i assumed my keyboard was still fine.
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    I've noticed a little bit of delay on Lerk when switching between spikes and bite

    It's subtle, but for players who regular a certain class the rhythm is just all wrong
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