Dreaded flame thrower crash

alsteralster Join Date: 2003-08-06 Member: 19124Members
I have been having this game freezing crash since the beginning of the beta testing.

It happens whenever someone uses the flamethrower for at least a minute or so and after that the game just freezes. It never seems to happen instantly when someone uses the flamethrower. Lucklily I can alt tab it and shut the game down.

Maybe the crash has something to do with things like marines or structures being on fire? I see aliens on fire without crashing. Or maybe someone using the flamethrower is clipping through something causing me to crash? Someone jumping or ducking or moving crazy using the flamethrower causing me to crash?

I haven't complained about it too much before, because very few people get it and very few live long enough with it.

I really hate this since this is the only crash I ever have with the game.

Above average stable system with no crashes in any other game:

win 7 64bit, 8gb mem, E6850 3.0ghz, gtx 560 ti


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