Blue Fang Solutions Host Review

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Let me start off by saying I'm new to running a server, and initially I rented a server from for the price, $20 for a 16 slot. The setup was fast, was "running" in 5 minutes. I say "running" because it wasn't really, there was some issue with the ports that was resolved 10 hours after I submitted a ticket. Then, I could not configure the server in any working web admin, no .json files anywhere on the server. After spending hours trying to figure out where the config path was, I gave up. I could not change the mapcycle, autobalance, or give myself admin. It's been about a day and still have not received an answer on their forums, or the ticket I submitted.

So today, I start looking for another host..I didn't really want to drop more money, though I intend to ask for a refund from HGS (Probably won't get it, but it's worth a shot). I ended up renting from After providing payment, I was curious about how long it would take so hopped into the live chat, and was talking to a staff member within 2 minutes. The server took about 30 minutes to set up...the staff member, Josh, was friendly, professional, and very helpful. They provided the link to web admin and let me know when the server was up.

The server runs great, and what really blew me away was after I set up my admin I logged in to the server to give it a test, and I found Josh and Jose (the staff member who set the server up) in the server. The server quickly filled with players, and the staff played for about half an hour or so.

A while later I encountered a minor issue with they're web based FTP interface, it would just boot me back to the home page after loading. I filed a ticket asking about it, and asking for the FTP credentials so I could use a third party client...and literally a minute later they informed me the issue could be solved by relogging into the site, and provided the FTP credentials I'd requested.

All in all, I HIGHLY recommend BFS for it's affordable hosting and excellent customer service.


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