How to - Recreate NS1-Map to NS2-Map

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Today i examined some Tools and thaught by myself: "Hey, why cant i just convert the NS1-BSP-Maps
to Spark-level (or .vmf-Files, Notice: Spark Editor supports vmf-files, they are the hl2-map-sourcecode).

...after hours... its impossible or lets say not so easy.

there is method described here: <a href="" target="_blank">here (redone hl1-engine-map to hl2-engine-map = bsp to vmf)</a>

Tools used:
1. BSP-Slicer to materials (To get the flat layout of the old ns1-map):
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
>> <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

2. View of old NS1 (without having to start NS1):
>> Crafty: <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>
>> BSP-Viewer: <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>

BSP-Viewer example - ns_veil - Ready Room:
<img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />

BSP-Viewer example - View with only the ns_veil.bsp (even if you got nothing else):
<img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />

Hope this helps to maybe recreate some old NS1-maps.

PS: dont know what "fmpone" was using to recreate ns_veil to ns2_veil.

You can also use the BSP-Viewer to quick view / get some ideas about the style of the old ns1 maps:
(example from BSP-Viewer Homepage: ns_agora.bsp)
<img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />


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    I only discovered this method after Veil was pretty much done, but it did assist with the ready room some, although now that's all being changed around. It's useful if you're looking for a base to start with, but Ns2 maps require bigger areas (generally, you don't have to go much bigger like I did with cargo) than NS1.
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    JUST What i needed. been trying (and not succeeding) To recreate some maps for a while, now i can do it with dual screen inspiration, woohoo!
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    For the layout you can import the minimap as a texture for reference.
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    Pointfile-menu in the bsp viewer screenshot.. my god that brings bad memories..
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    <!--quoteo(post=1978914:date=Sep 17 2012, 03:57 AM:name=Yuuki)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Yuuki @ Sep 17 2012, 03:57 AM) <a href="index.php?act=findpost&pid=1978914"><{POST_SNAPBACK}></a></div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->For the layout you can import the minimap as a texture for reference.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

    Minimap (ns1-ingame-overview) = bad quality = 1 image
    BSP-Slicer-Software (black on white overview) = better quality = more images (to paste together maybe)

    == EXAMPLE (ns_veil):
    Link: <a href="" target="_blank"> 1 Image = ns1-ingame vs a-lot-of-images-BSP_Slicer</a>

    1. ns_veil -> Screenshot by: ns1-ingame
    Resolution: 1024x768 (my set screen-resolution in ns1 options, btw: 1024x768 on WHOLE screenshot, overview-part is smaller)
    <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />


    2. ns_veil -> Screenshot by: BSP-Slicer (here: only 1 of 40 images created at once by BSP-Slicer, see "Link" for all images)
    Resolution: 776x764 (strange... thaught would be bigger, looks like depends on BSP-Slicer-options)
    <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />

    You get a lot of BMP images (black on white),
    now you should paste them together i think to get a full view... but i dont exactly know.
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    If you could do co_Ulysses for me I can convert them into mini maps for you :)

    Also I got to export the map to OBJ and opened it in 3D Studio Max. Does anyone know a way to take it from there into the editor?
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