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<div class="IPBDescription">Idea: New Marine Unit / Tactics</div>What about a Ghost Unit (Invisible Technology) ?

Prototyp Lab: New Researchable Technology - Ghost

What it does ?
Reveals kharaa structures, units (in line of sight), no matter if they are cloaked by a shade or not.
The cloaked Marine isnt visible for the kharaa, but can be uncloaked by drifters.
The suit of the marine has a built in "drifter" uncloak (detects biological bacteria).

Limitations (Unit):
-has only a knife (suit has the built in invisibility tech, only a knife can be hidden inside the suit)
>> cant do big damage
-gets uncloaked when he attacks
>> purpose to sneak behind enemy lines and reveal kharaa structures / units and so on (in example: to search the kharaa upgrades)
MAYBE: -suit has to recharge after a certain amount of time
>> you need to sneak from location to location, maybe: 30 sec cloak + 5 sec of uncloak / get cloak energy back
-the ghost marine cant help his teammates directly in battle (see tactics below)

-reveals kharaa structures / units (mobile drifter on marine side ^^)
-build sneaky phase gate (gets uncloaked in this moment)
-attack the kharaa upgrades by his knife (gets uncloaked in this moment)
-like starcraft ghost unit: can set a laser marker (example: hive) for the arcs so they can shoot at a bigger range (this takes time to set the laser marker: maybe 10 sec + a beep signal which gets faster)

the invisible effect (for other marines) should be a shader effect like the disappearing after you die and of course some logical lua code to implement this.


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    This close to release isn't a good time for adding brand new features, but disregarding that this doesn't seem like it'd be very useful - you're down one shooting marine, and all you get for it is a mobile scan, sorta.
    What was it you wanted out of it? A way for the marines to easily see cloaked aliens, or a new playstyle marines on the ground can choose, or...?
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    1.) its only an idea
    2.) not before release, of course - i know, the devs want the game to be feature complete and they are fixing bugs, balance it and optimizing changes
    3.) only mobile scan ? No...

    3.1) in late game matches when it looks like marines are losing and cant get through the "front line"

    there would be a small chance to change the situation... cloaked marine / ghost unit -> gets through front line to sneak a phase gate somewhere. impossible when aliens see you and your only way would be through the front line.

    3.2) as another teamwork approach
    -com given ghost suit to marine
    -task: search upgrades (or a place sneaky phase gate) without being spotted
    -upgrades found: try to take them down (if possible by knife as fast as possible)
    -on the real front line: all fighting marines should push
    -requires teamwork

    3.3) late game - marine cant push aliens back / arcs cant be used in range because of front line or gorge bile bomb
    -com given ghost suit to marine
    -task: as ghost mark hive (bigger range) or something else to distract kharaa -> arc can shoot this in long, long range

    Everyone Ghost Unit = arc shoot whole map ?
    Impossible because there would be no fighting marine = easy base rush for aliens.

    As i said - its only an idea, if you think its bull###### - delete the thread.
    its the game of the devs and they can do what they want with it.
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