Australian/New Zealand - Servers/Community?

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Newbie information.
I have been using the search tool to no avail. Are there Australian servers? Is there a community site? Do you (A/NZer's) have a TS server? I'm yet to buy the game however I am afraid it will be dead in the water or only 200+ ping US servers when I join.

So yeah just some newbie questions. I ask about the TS server as I have never played a game with good voice codecs and TS is a lot more social then a single server.

Anyone else with similar questions feel free to piggy back [!]


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    I don't live in Australia, but I search by member and I often see an Australian server populated to max. So I would say there is at least one server that Australians can play - When release comes there may be more..
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    there are a number of Australian servers.

    Check this link -

    Click the Servers link up the top.
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    Hey JohnnyB.Quik,

    Currently have 3 NS2 servers up and running. There are also about 2/3 other local servers and there is generally always at least 1 full server around.

    If you do end up getting the game and joining us on the GON servers and would like to give me some feedback please use this thread or send me a pm over there.

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    The best is Alchemy's Laboratory but its run local (NZ) by a player and not up all the time. is a close second.

    I wouldn't bother with another AU one and just use All-In or, yes ping sucks but servers can handle the game which is more important at the moment
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    There is a steam group "Natural Selection 2 Australia Community" which I've found useful. You can find who's playing, right click their name and join a game directly or find out what server they're playing on etc.

    As for community site, I believe there is at least one under development for AU/NZ.

    People use the ingame chat unless it's a competitive game.

    The server situation isn't great at the moment but we definately have local servers. As NS2 gets closer to release I'm sure we'll see more servers in the major Australian cities as well as in NZ. Just on the server situation, I was lucky enough to play on the excellent Australia Pure servers for several months before they were taken down relatively recently. The community hasn't quite found an equal replacement yet, so that's why I say "at the moment".

    NS2 is definately worth buying, it's great value for $35. I've easliy got my money's worth just playing in the beta. Be aware that NS2 is in beta so there are frequent balance changes and you might experience performance issues if your CPU is many years old.

    Welcome to the community :)
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