GUI Eyefinity / Multimonitor support

MisterDMisterD Join Date: 2012-04-13 Member: 150386Members Posts: 3
Although controversial in nature, the game natively supports high resolutions. I don't want this suggestion thread to be about how 3 screens isn't fair on people with just one. (Come on now.. I don't want to pull out the "users using optical mice over rollerballs get an advantage" argument :P. 3 screens gives a better immersion and overall experience).

Currently I run on a single screen at 1080p but quite capable of running 3 screens. Which works perfectly well (Thank you for adding this natively to the game, many don't these days), however the HUD is pushed to both the left and right screens this makes it quite impossible to play with ease. Can you please add in an option in game for centering the HUD at high resolutions?

A user Picklefinger has made a mod to help the situation:;p=1914932&

However, seeing this implemented in the main game would be most appreciated.


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