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    ah the thread is back :) of course i want ns2 on linux! i even bought 5 copies (1 SE, 2 normal, and 2 on christmas sale) so that they have enough money and can implement stuff the could perhaps not do if they are really tight on money. As they said they will probably ask the community to help the porting, i'm sure we can help :)
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    QUOTE (Draco_2k @ Mar 8 2010, 08:18 PM) »
    Valve just came out with official announcement of porting Steam to Mac. No word on Linux, but it shouldn't be that much of a long shot after that, right?

    9/10 of the indie games that are on Mac are also Linux availble. The EA Mac games aren't available on linux which is a downer, although expect Linux once they can "get it right". Bare in mind though, coding Steam must be a real punishment at Valve because it doesn't half sod up on Windows sometimes.
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    I would love a linux server version, but when it comes to client I am kind of indifferent.
    Sure I agree it would be good with a linux client version, but I wouldnt use it as I have win 7 (more games, for example ns2 ;D).
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    go go power linux!

    --> lot more servers :D
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    This is NOT about the Linux Dedicated Server files which have already been confirmed.
    But still, thank you.
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    i would rather not play with linux users
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    and why not ?
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    NS2 on Linux would seem great.
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    QUOTE (PneumaticCrab @ Jan 26 2011, 01:27 AM) »
    i would rather not play with linux users

    Uhm, why not?

    OnT - NS2 on linux would be great to see, even tho i wont use it myself (unless i try to run it on my laptop).
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    A significant bump indeed!

    I would expect a *nix dedicated-server first though, and seeing as that is still not on the horizon (or announced anyway), a client is quite a ways off (assuming it will make an appearance at all).
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    i got it working on wine but i cant click on the menu and the background is just black at least the menu is still there and so is the music so i guess not all is lost
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    I support this idea. I know it surely isn't a priority right now, but still...
    Just for the record, I fully support the NS1 marine movement (with it's bhop and whatsoever) to be implemented in NS2.
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    QUOTE (comp_ @ Jul 21 2011, 05:23 PM) »
    I support this idea. I know it surely isn't a priority right now, but still...

    me too !
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    I'm all for NS2 running on Linux for servers. For clients? Well, y'all are in the same boat MAC users are. :P
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    I vote for this :) Would love to see ns2 on linux. If valve manages to announce a steam client, it would be a step in the right direction.
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    I feel sorry for the linux users, In that I saw what happened with Primal Carnage.
    I hope the same doesn't happen with UW.
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    i'll give a +1
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    now that build 181 is out ill check to see how well it runs on wine
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    Recently switched from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 11.04, would love to have NS2 Linux-native.. so +1
    Any news with 184 and wine? Tried to get 184 to run with wine 1.2 and 1.3 but had no success..
    Little remark: cinematik editor is working, so the non-working background should not really be a graphic issue.

    Don't want to reinstall Win7.. :/
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    I thought the Linux server was already confirmed, there still seem to be a lot of people who are not clear on that. A Linux client would be brilliant of course though I currently have no Linux machine with hardware suitable for gaming.

    (sent from an Arch Linux desktop)
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    I currently have no Linux desktop capable of running the game at the moment. Well, let's be fair... I don't have any desktop that will play it. But I'm still running Ubuntu on my desktop and laptop and the only reason I dual boot my desktop is for 1 of 3 games that don't run acceptably under WINE.

    You have my pre-order, even when I can't play the beta. (With out kicking a friend off his computer) But to be fair... the system requirements said 1.5 Ghz, 512 RAM and DirectX 9... My dual core 2 Ghz, 2 GB RAM and Geforce 7900 beat that... so I thought I was solid. :P

    So yeah... count this as a vote for Linux.
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    don't even have linux and i'd like this.
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    make NS2 linux compatible!
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    i think I already voiced my support a long time ago in this thread and I still support it, but Id really love a linux dedicated server first.

    I have multiple server running linux and the instant a server comes out ill install it. I can have a server of all valve games on steam, but i really want to run a NS2 server ... so please please make it happen
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    I'd like to see linux dedicated support and if possible, client support as well (which i would buy).
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    QUOTE (kororas @ Mar 27 2012, 06:29 AM) »
    I'd like to see linux dedicated support and if possible, client support as well (which i would buy).

    Same here! i've already bought the windows version of NS2, but i'll pay the same for the linux version.....
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    You realise this would make NS2 like... the first game EVER to be ported to Linux?

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    Linux Dedi would probably improve server performance quite a bit considering we can tweak linux to infinity. Having a client as well would be great but let's start with running servers on a proper server OS.
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    You are completely incorrect. The first example is S2 games porting Savage 2 to Linux and MacOS, then there was Heroes of Newerth doing the same thing. There are more and more developers supporting the Linux platform as time goes on.

    QUOTE (Imbalanxd @ Mar 29 2012, 11:58 AM) »
    You realise this would make NS2 like... the first game EVER to be ported to Linux?


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