Alien warp creature OP

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Seriously they just warp around you for hours and you cant even get a shot off. Fix this please. Imbalanced gameplay ruins everything.


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    I assume you are talking about fades. They are meant to easily kill a single marine, think about this:
    A player going fade has to use 50 personal resources, probably more as he also want some upgrades.
    He also needs the team to have a second hive.
    Most marines have no upgrades, or only have something cheap like a shotgun.

    Seeing as its so much resources poured into a single unit, and its utterly useless for damaging buildings or supporting teammates, one would assume that it should be able to defeat any enemy unit that is alone. except maybe an exosuit, or a jetpack marine with the correct weapons and upgrades.
    It should also probably be able to defeat a small group (or part of it), as otherwise the enemies would just go in pairs and render fades obsolete.
    It is designed to be a hit and run type of unit, so that even if it takes on a group it cant hope to kill, it should be able to pick off a single enemy, before running away to heal for some time at the base.
    It accomplishes this by having decent damage, health and speed, with extreme mobility and dodging abilities.
    The downside it has is that it uses a lot of adrenaline fast, so it is very bad against a marine group with a flamethrower (as it reduces adrenaline generation greatly), and that it cant attack directly after a teleport, nor can it teleport directly after an attack.

    So with this knowledge, we can see that a good way to fight a fade is to stick together, preferably deal a lot of damage fast so that it does not have time to run away (but even if it does, you know that it wont come back for some time), and if possible have a single flamethrower with you (they do not damage much, and cost a lot).
    As you said it is hard to hit a fade as it teleports around you, and I assume you know that its always easyer to hit something that moves fast and erraticly, if it is not quite as close to you.
    So something very important to remember is that when the fade attacks (or really any alien), the group has to spread out in such a way that they have clear view over eachothers, and it takes time for the enemy to reach the next target if it kills you.

    A group of 4 marines can easily kill a fade (maybe with losses), or chase it away without losing a single marine. If you use someone as bait when attacking the enemy base, and he is buffed with a nano-shield (and the commander researched armor, and maybe medspam a little), it is actually not that hard to kill a group of fades attacking your bait before they realise that they are dying, and without actually losing the bait (although you probably will).
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    Please note this is the NS forum for the HL1 mod Natural Selection. I assume your comment is about he new game Natural Selection 2. In which case you should post in the section above.

    As already advised, the Fade is actually a very weak creature, only taking 2 hits from an upgraded shotgun to kill. Learning to track the alien and shooting it when it is not blinking is your goal. Learn to aim, learn to stay calm, and learn to walk in groups. One key aspect of Marines is that they are supposed to be accompanied at ALL times. Solo marine, or Rambo, as they are called, should = certain death.

    Your lack of experience in this game is showing in your comment. The alien that warps around everywhere will undoubtedly need a boost when the next level of Marine tech gets into the game. It is most definitely not OP. Try and use the fade, and see how quickly you die. Then claim it is OP. :)
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    Ah, didnt see it was ns1, as I use the "new posts" button to navigate threads. Sorry about that.
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    NP, my message was just a friendly note to the OP, that he has probably made the thread in the wrong section.
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