Can the Alien flashlight be amended?



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    Permanently glowing eyes is not really a big issue when you consider that you wouldn't really be able to see them in the light anyway.
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    <!--quoteo(post=1900195:date=Feb 6 2012, 02:54 PM:name=_Necro_)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (_Necro_ @ Feb 6 2012, 02:54 PM) <a href="index.php?act=findpost&pid=1900195"><{POST_SNAPBACK}></a></div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Solution:
    <ul><li>Only outline and color Marines and Marine buildings</li><li>Only outline geometry if it is dark (maybe the right opacity can do this already. <b>Harimau: can you make the same .gif in a light area, so we can see if it uglynates the visuals / textures of an hive room or something?</b>)</li><li>Make particles transparent (but in any case visible) and / or make the outlines of marines and buildings shine through</li><li>If it does not make everything look ugly, than make the AV standard "on" but don't make it mandatory. So you can deactivate your glowing eyes for an ambush.</li></ul><!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->
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    When lights are off and when emergency lighting is on, aliens should be using alienvision and should have an advantage over marines. However when lights are on, that advantage needs to disappear, in otherwords aliens wont use alienvsion if lights are on.

    So you have to ask yourself why is alienvision being used when lights are on ?
    There are 2 reasons, 1 is that alienvision makes it very easy to keep track of marines when you are attacking them, the 2nd reason is that without alienvision its really easy to lose sight of the marine your attacking. With the bite animation and being in close proximity to the marine, and with you strafing/jumping/changing direction and constant movement in order to make it hard for them to shoot you, you end up getting dis-orientated and lose track of the target which can be deadly for a skulk.

    I think all this can be solved if we make Alienvision useless in lights on rooms and make lights on rooms alot brighter, this would help both marines and aliens

    To compensate for the brighter rooms, make the red emergency lighting darker or change it to some type of spot lighting. This would give aliens more of an advantage in the dark and it would force marines to use flashlights more often. This would also increase the importance of killing powernodes for aliens.
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    It's like you didn't read the first 3 pages of this thread. We don't need drawbacks.
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