Recycling change

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I've noticed that right now, the main use for recycling is when you see a skulk nomming on your RT, and there are no marines around, you recycle it so you get some res back. How about instead of just deleteing the structure and returning it to the team pool, it instead deletes the structure and drops a resource item that can be picked up by either team to gain the team resources. That would prevent commanders from just ninja recycling buildings that they left undefended.

Note that these resources could also be picked up by MACs, so you wouldn't need to order marines around to pick it up, just send a mac over (or drifter if you see some laying around). Also, let gorges recycle hydras.


  • HarimauHarimau Join Date: 2007-12-24 Member: 63250Members
    edited February 2012

    Another suggestion, the resources gained from recycling a structure could be proportional to the structure's current health (with the value floored). So if you recycle right before the skulk finishes off the structure, you gain nothing.
  • ogzogz Join Date: 2002-11-24 Member: 9765Members
    thats already the case :)

    (res return scaled by current % hp)
  • HarimauHarimau Join Date: 2007-12-24 Member: 63250Members
    Oh, ok. Is it floored or ceilinged? (does 0.1 round to 0 or 1?)

    So what is the suggestion for? Making sure that commanders never recycle structures that should be killed? Is that because it's unacceptable behaviour, or because recycling is not used for anything else?
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    if there is intention to stop "ninja recycling", i suggest pausing the recycle-bar for a second or so whenever the structure is hit.
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