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    I dont understand the thinking behind simplifying alien attack modes, maybe ive put too much time into games like half-life deathmatch, Alien vs Predator 2 and Unreal tournament 2004 / UT3, so im bias ?
    Things just dont seem complex to me... AT ALL... i never had issues bile bombing like people are saying above. Really I never felt i had any weapon / attack issues that were not bug related (like the delay on parasite switch).

    This is from the perspective of a perma-gorge(literally) that used to play every day(literally) for the last 25 - 30 builds (up to the time that bellyslide was removed off infestation which ruined combat and defensive gorge play for me).

    Maybe im misunderstanding some of the comments, though readying the clarity of Flayra's comment considering scrapping alternate fire modes for aliens all together makes me concerned. I am a firm believer options keep games interesting.

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    QUOTE (6john @ Jan 17 2012, 12:22 PM) »
    double plus good points, except i think there needs to be some clarification on the secondary fire modes one.

    Secondary attack for aliens should be something that is always applicable for that class.

    In general I think movement needs to be the secondary fire mode. for skulk this is leap, for fade this is blink, for onos this would probably be charge. This is correct so far.

    For gorge, healspray is perfect since it's the gorge's main utility.

    The question comes with lerk. Right now, primary is lerk and secondary is shotgun, though it's considered a support class. Gas is the only support attack it has, it should be secondary always.


    Though, I kinda wish I could bind a key for instant skulk parasite without having to actually 'switch weapon'. Middle mouse button perhaps.
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    For the sake of intuitive gameplay, it definitely makes sense to apply a secondary attack to mouse 2 for all aliens or not have it at all.

    Personally, I find having nothing bound to mouse 2 a waste and I find it really handy having blink and healspray on mouse 2. Making it do something across the board is just common sense to me.
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    NS1 source code would be a cool birthday present.
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    Oh God, the lols...
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    Every time you ask for troubleshooting without providing system info, ATI adds a rendering bug for an upcoming game.

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