Natural Selection 2 News Update - NS2 Build 188 released (Happy Thanksgiving!)



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    QUOTE (Raneman @ Nov 24 2011, 04:30 PM) »
    which parameter in options puts aa on permanently?

    Wild guess:
    instead of

    No QWERTY keyboard ? No problem
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    thats really weird that you guys are having FPS problems, my frame rate doubled this build... hmmm

    Oh yeah, make sure to turn SLI off! It is not supported yet and would actually make your framerate go down.
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    QUOTE (Argathor @ Nov 24 2011, 04:28 PM) »
    Something in this patch has destoryed the 'feel' of the game. I cant aim properly, I cant move properly, it has a significant negative impact on my play experience. I hope you find out what is causing it and fix it quickly.

    +1 I'm prolly not gonna play anymore till next patch. (187 maybe was imbalanced, but at least the feel of the aliens was spot on)
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    It seems i get about 15 more fps when im dead and waiting to spawn as a marine, an issue with the new hud perhaps?

    Also can you please change the button that switches who you're spectating to the right mouse button or something, clicking and holding down the left mouse button to spawn causes an annoying noise and jump from player to player, it's been like this for a while now, i like to hold the button down so i spawn quicker.
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    Fixed by deleting options.xml
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    I cant update my server, its still 187 and hldsupdatetool.exe says: HLDS installation up to date - my personal website
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    Still can't find antialiasing anywhere in options.xml...
    What is going on?

    I'll add it in myself, where do I put it?
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    Happy Thanksgiving! No point standing here chatting with us, time for you to go home to a nice bowl of NS2 and turkey :D

    I still get around 15 fps, but the new effects haven't decreased my fps, so its all good.
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    Turn off SLI and Crossfire, the game will run better.
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    QUOTE (Raneman @ Nov 24 2011, 11:06 AM) »
    Still can't find antialiasing anywhere in options.xml...
    What is going on?

    I'll add it in myself, where do I put it?

    There is no option in the menu yet, you have to type r_aa in console. to access the console press `

    also r_atmospherics in console will turn on a really pretty effect.
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    Thanks so much for the patch! Just finished downloading the update through Steam, and gonna give it a whirl.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone :)

    played until I got a crash!
    FPS is much smoother in general, and the game feels a lot more playable. I was able to follow skulks' movements much better.
    I REALLY appreciate the bloodspatter on bullet hits - this provides a strong "hit" feedback much like the old HL1 engine's blood. Very easy to tell if you hit a lerk or not this way.

    Pistol alt fire is borked
    mines count towards build limit apparently
    can't tell if I have AA/atmospherics on or off (could not tell by visuals or console confirmation, but then again I dont' know if Summit is complete in this new lighting)
    Sounds are BORKED. Footsteps do not play for skulks or marines, and everything is ridiculously quiet.
    I seemed to get an fps drop when playing on marines. Have not played enough games to confirm this yet.
    marines don't get much feedback when *getting* hit. Very hard to tell, especially if the opponent is a lerk or hydra
    On that note, it's almost impossible to see lerk/hydra needles, making it very difficult to tell when you're being attacked.

    Thanks again for the patch guys, looking forward to seeing fixes after the holiday :)
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    Played a quick 30min game. Some feedback:

    1) LOVE the random starts! It's refreshing each round to spawn in a random place which changes the feel of each game. Spawning in old marine start as alien was fun.

    2) Atmospherics look great

    3) Marine hud looks significantly changed from the mockup. Not a bad thing, as I like that things are taking on a more minimal design which is good. Health and armor feel weird on the right side. It's probably going to be refined\improved as time goes on I imagine.

    4) Power sockets. I'm still confused on how this works in build 188:

    - Rooms have their standard lighting at game start.

    - The marine commander builds a socket in say, Atrium (old alien start). Marines can build structures now, but aliens come in and kill everything including the power node.

    - Lights go to emergency red. Individual marines come in and repair power node to restore power to that room again and it works the same as the old versions from there on out.

    Were you guys doing away with emergency lighting and having it go to full darkness, or is this still on the list for a later build?

    5) Performance. I can run in HIGH settings now and keep a framerate above 30fps most of the time in a small game. New occlusion system seems to be working.

    Overall a solid patch! Oh and one more thing:

    6) New "bullet contact" cinematic looks great! I can actually see when I'm hitting a fade properly.
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    The hud, while effective in information display. It's a bit disappointing to look at. Really liked the concept hud.

    And why is the health/armor on the right, in a very small box? That is just going against the norm of everything.

    On a positive note, I really like the entire room flashing as a power node is about go go down. And the game looks a lot nicer.

    The current servers which may be just listen servers couldn't run it well enough for me to check the rest of it out.
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    Tried Summit for a few moments on PUB.EU server with 30 ticks and 14 players .Noticed a lot of studdering, fps was relatively the same(50 fps felt like 25). Lots of sound file missing spam in console.
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    I was suffering from terrible mouse lag and fps issues. The game felt like moving through custard. I installed the latest AMD drivers for my gfx card and it fixed everything.

    I have yet to re-enable atmospherics, but hopefully this would work for some others suffering similar problems to me.
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    Epic fail build.... maintaining the same graphics quality ingame reduced me from a bad 15fps out of battle to 5fps out of battle... congrats (and this with gamebooster on) i had to drop to 800x600 res and "awfully bad" visuals to get a poor 15fps out of battle...unplayable..

    -i rarely see grenades explosion effects (they explode without any visual effect)
    -harvester doesnt play any damage animation when being axed (dunno if its to stay like this...)
    -And where T.H. is the onos and jetpack?

    Oh, and i didnt see any good atmospheric changes, since i now have to have worse graphics than with last build to play.. so basically this build to me didnt add a thing, i want my 187 back :(
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    Quick 20 min marine side response

    * To many borders and strange stuff going on with the UI (minimap, comm, res) I really like the "C" button approach. use that borderless.
    * Minimap too small, no feeling of direction and proximity of close teammates.
    * Mines sounds way too much. Either no sound or limit to 2-3 feet distance. Defensive mines all around base was horrible hearing.
    * Visuals when spawning, just a artistic personal preference but are we really robocop powering up with old 8 bit machine UI? I'd like more of a organic feel, classic pulsating red borders like when hit in some FPS games.
    * Positioning of Map Vs. Health/Armor. I'd like HP back on left side. My eyes / head are zooming diagonally across the screen all the time to keep up with information. Maybe I should look on the ingame screen once in a while aswell?
    * nanoshield gfx is a placeholder, right?

    Fast, short and crude feedback =)
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    Horrible performance drop. 10-15 fps even when on 800x480. Cya next patch, gonna go play some dota 2 for now.
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    Wow... Just wow...

    The map changes and atmospherics look good but everything is horrible... (Performance has almost halved).

    This patch is really disappointing...

    Good thing I bought a load of games today...

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    Bullet hit effect seems bugged

    Any chance of raw mouse input?
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    Game is still very very laggy, performance is still pretty poor, essentially it has gotten absolutely no better in terms of playability for somewhere between eight to ten versions now.

    I can't play or enjoy the game or comment on design changes in any capacity other than theoretically until I can actually play a game with them. At the moment all I can say is that it looks pretty, but I can't aim because my view slideshows from one frame to the next, and then decides to render about twenty of them in perfect sequence before taking a break and doing the next frame in a second or two. I can't find anything to aim AT because everything teleports around constantly, and even if I could do both those things, the amount of problems I have connecting to a server without blackscreeening or the game suffering some completely gamebreaking bug would still be enough to render the game barely playable.

    I just cannot give any constructive comments on a game I can't play. You need to fix the lag and fps, otherwise what I have sitting on my hard drive is kind of useless.

    The hud looks nice, the atmospheric effects look nice, the ambient sounds are nice, the game takes nice screenshots. That's about all I can say for it.
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    In retrospect, it's the cynics who were the optimists, and the optimists who allowed this. lol.
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    QUOTE (Deadzone @ Nov 24 2011, 05:25 PM) »
    Sounds are BORKED. Footsteps do not play for skulks or marines, and everything is ridiculously quiet.

    - Thats very annoying you cant hear any skulks or other things. Hope you fix it soon!!! Otherwise i must play alien because i have no chance as a marine against a skulk.
    - The performance is very low in this build. Have only 25 fps all the time. sometimes in fights only 10-15 fps.

    - The atmospherics looks awesome. Now i feel scary situations. :D
    - Some great effect improvments i like the new explosion of the GL.
    - Random start rocks. Every game is a new experience.
    - The new marine HUD is very nice. I dont know if there is already an effect which displays that you have low health. It would be cool if the health bar turns red if the health is under 20%.
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    You can sometimes see on the mini map where the other team starts. I think it might have something to do with the thing that you can see things on the mini map for three (or whatever) seconds. For example, if you're in Data Core on warmup round and the opponent team starts in DC on the actual round, you can see the players on the mini map in DC.
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    The atmospheric effects on tram (especially the RR) are possibly a bit much but otherwise they're looking great, good job engine guys.

    I also really like the marine HUD, good job art dudes.

    Seeing as I haven't played it online yet I can't comment on gameplay changes as of yet, sorry gameplay guy.
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    From the NS2HD video Tram looks much better now.

    I can't comment any further as the current update refuses to even load the game on my system. Which means I am looking forward, for want of a better word, to 189.
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    Feels very different, I think we need a bit of adaptation to judge.

    Sounds are BORKED. Footsteps do not play for skulks or marines, and everything is ridiculously quiet.

    I think there is way too many atmospheric sounds in summit (or too loud), it makes everything fuzzy. I renamed the sound files (ambient_x.fsb) so they cannot be loaded, it seems to help but I didn't really played seriously.

    On the performance it's more or less the same for me, maybe more consistent, I'm not sure yet.

    I like the new changes on summit.
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    -love the random spawn points
    -client performance dropped a lot but after updating drivers it bumped it back up
    -server performance seems to have dropped, but that could just be a lack of decent servers.
    -after researching mines macs still couldn't drop them? it could be because i started the game with cheats on since i've seen mines in games.
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    So I got it to work.

    I opened up Tram and had MS and AS next to each other. A quick ARC and game over.

    MS should be static.

    Also you need to look at Elevator Control in Tram, the hive spawns eggs outside the hive room in the corridor directly behind the hive.
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    Maybe make it so spawns aren't completely random in that you can't be within arc range. also probably a good map design in general to not have 2 tech points within arc range.

    Also, the patch notes say flamethrower should look better, but when i tried it on a listen server it looked way broken.

    I really liked the effects of fire on the ground though, it looks awesome, but causes problems since it does self damage.
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