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Kouji Naturally Selected "to" Adventure and Stuff
Ah finally I can start dishing out the NS2 using a new playlist on YouTube containing pub commentatires/showcase vids and such. You've probably seen a few sporadic NS2 public commentary vids from me already. Now I usually used Hugh's Ns2HD channel and vids as a forefront to promote NS2 on my channel as well and of course I will continue to do so. I mean he does a fabulous job and his channel is NS2 orientated. But additionally I'm going to try and get the word out using my own vids and channel as well, more ears and eyes to watch and listen to the stuff so to speak. Now since my channel is not 100% oriented on NS2, I thought it would be nice to have this list right here on the forums...

I'll keep this initial post up to date with stuff from the NS2 playlist. Hope you enjoy my fail attempts at shooting or biting things image

Additionally I thought it would give an interesting insight on how NS2 actually runs on a fairly old PC with the following specs, which I will also post on each video (alongside graphic settings and average FPS)

Computer Specifications of the Acients
Intel C2D E6420 (2,13Ghz) @ 3,2Ghz 1600FSB
2Gb OCZ Reaper PC2-6400 @ (800Mhz, 5-4-4-15)
Asus P5B Motherboard
Ati Sapphire HD4850 512Mb PCI-E
Creative Audigy 2 & Asus HD Audio
Plexwriter PC-708A
Case Coolermaster ATC-110SX1

Logitech 980240 microphone, voice chat gaming
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Video playlist ordered on build and date

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