Actually, I wasn't pressured by anyone, if anyone had tried to "pressure" me into apol

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ling even more =[ And I didn't recant the fact that I dislike you, just that I was incorrect about the situation which had originally made me angry. Of course I'm going to backpeddle when I realize that the whole basis of my argument was incorrect.

And btw, nobody likes a braggart, and if you're gonna brag, its probably not a good idea to brag about your little wideloader website, thats not really a real business =[ As for you being a gullible child, well, I already showed you how gullible and easy to manipulate you are, and you don't even realize it =[ As for you being a child, I do kinda think youre acting like a child now by trying to troll me on your own forums even after I tried to make nice, but whatever. If you wanna keep acting this way thats fine, I know the truth, and you know the truth, and I've made my point.

(hopefully) The last thing ill say is, wth, my "status" in the community? Anyone I considered a friend before is still a friend. #hamburg seems to have more now then it did before. Regardless of wether people think using a ringer was wrong, there isn't a single person who thinks we cheated in any way. In reality most people don't care at all, most of them don't even waste their time reading this webpage or these forums. I had a majority of the clans in the community ready to message you and say that we should either get the win or be allowed to replay the match a few days after the match, when I filed my "dispute"(which, although according to your rules I am entitled a dispute, you completely ignored). What would make you think that you have any idea what goes on in the community? I haven't spoken to many people yet, but if anything, I'd think that the one who is "burying" themselves is you. I haven't said anything here that I havent said before, you are the quote unquote "professional" tournament admin publicly slandering a clan =[

Yourself, your personal friends who noone knows, and a few eve members, does not consitute "the community." You don't even know what the community is. You don't play, you don't idle in clan channels, your only function in the community is this webpage layout with no content and your little tournament. Dude, guess what, I could make a tournament too, and I could make "rules" that the community would actually like, like not forcing people to play on obsolete or terrible maps, and not making the finals on heavily imbalanced and rarely played maps. Anyone here could make a tournament, and they would probably update it instantly instead of waiting 2-3 weeks to update the brackets. And they probably wouldn't be a complete nazi about rescheduling games. So for you to think that it would somehow hurt my feelings to not play in your tournament even as I have made it abundantly clear that I would not be accepting your invitation just boggles my mind.

doobie - i wasn't blaming anything on you. Of course it is syn's fault for not having 6, I do think most of the other clans who scrim on a daily basis would have tried to reschedule, but whatever, i realize that its not your responsibility. All I was saying was that the basis for some of my anger towards nay was wrong.

Bleh. Anyways, i'd like to say this will be my last post on the matter, hopefully you will realize what you are doing to yourself and decide not to continue to lie/troll, but its doubtful. Maybe I can kinda just phase it out =[


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    my clan is composed of my friends. they are allowed to say anything they want =[ I may not always agree with everything they say, but who am I to tell them what to say and what not to say? Kenichi was definitely persistent, and probably angrier than i about the matter, but he had just as much right to voice his opinion as you did, or any of the other people in that channel that nay let speak besides myself, doobie, and nsa officials. I would have thought that people would be able to see that kenichi's opinions, and any other ham member's opinions would be taken as such, their personal opinions, and that only I would be in a position to speak for the clan as a whole.

    And why are you inquiring about our CAL schedules? Are you a CAL admin? Are you a NSA admin? Just a good friend of nay's? No offense, I'm just asking because I don't know if we've ever really met, the first time i remember seeing you was that night in the channel, and i didnt really understand at the time why you were being allowed to speak. Also, who is this ixiom guy? He spent a little time to come up with a few predictions and nay just decided to make him an admin? Again, i'm not trying to criticize you in any way, i've just noticed that you have some strong opinions against us, and with all due respect I don't really have any idea who you are or where you came from.

    As for the CAL schedules, we have spoken with cal admins and the understand the situation, both clans are waiting to make a decision around the time that 1.1 playtesting starts, depending on the state of the game at that point we could both lose a few members or gain a few currently inactive ones back.
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    got notified about being subscribed to this for some reason... Not sure who you're talking to, what this topic is about or whats going on!
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    That is one long thread title!

    Neither do I intellix :S.
    Atleast I dont think it said I was subscribed to this, it still showed up in "new posts" though.
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