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<div class="IPBDescription">Don't use first letter</div>Currently NS2 tries to use the first letter of the button title as the hotkey (M = MAC).
Where this doesn't make sense it uses the first letter of the upgrade name (S = Increase MAC speed). Seems intuitive at first, but it has several disadvantages:
<ol type='1'><li>This system doesn't work if two or more titles start with the same letter.
An example is the Medpack button which has the hotkey H, thereby negating the system's only advantage.</li><li>Hotkeys are scattered over the entire keyboard, which is pretty bad for usability. It's very uncomfortable to constantly have to move the hand around.</li></ol>
My suggestions:

<!--coloro:#ADD8E6--><span style="color:#ADD8E6"><!--/coloro--><b>Use Gridkeys</b><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->

In NS1 all hotkeys were grouped together (Q,W,E,R - A,S,D,F - Z,X,C,V). This reflected the menu structure of the commander and was easily understandable. The same would work for NS2's marine commander. The menu structure of the hive mind is a little different. It currently has eight buttons, so (Q,W,E,R - A,S,D,F) would work well. Your hand could rest near the control groups the entire game, with very little movement required. It's also far more obvious what button is connected to which hotkey (same for all menus).

<!--coloro:#ADD8E6--><span style="color:#ADD8E6"><!--/coloro--><b>Display the hotkey on the button</b><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->

Very simple: Draw the letter of the hotkey over the corresponding button.
No need to hover the mouse over the button to read the tool-tip anymore.

<!--coloro:#ADD8E6--><span style="color:#ADD8E6"><!--/coloro--><b>Make hotkeys easily configureable</b><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->

Move all hotkey assignments to a seperate file, that can be easily configured to one's liking.
Make sure to have a separate variable for every single button in the game, so users are not limited to the grid model.


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    Great post. My only thought would be how would the alien commander HUD have to change to faciliate the grid setup. I like the organic different look that the alien HUD has, and it also seems very alien-like.

    Tough call.
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