The Overgrowth of Natural Selection 2

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Contest for free copies of games inside!
Contests are all wrapped up, thanks to everyone who entered. Winners can be found in this post.

Contest 1 - Complete
3 copies of the pack - 4 copies!

We have our winners (information has been sent as a forum PM to each of you),

Razorb - Just very cool all around

drakenation - Bunny hopping. The concept is brilliant, who cares about execution

WhoppaXXL - Awwwww

Triggerman - Funny and beautifully done

Wow, just wow guys. That was even better than I imagined so I gave out 4 copies for this round. Don't worry, there is still 2 more copies to give for the next contest. Special mention to Spinnace for his video: If only the beard had roared, I think I would have been sold :)

Contest 2 - Complete
2 copies of the pack



Attempt 1:
Wolf: These ingredients are getting worse...that's next?
Gorge: Yup.
Wolf: ...
Wolf: Perfect. -_-


Gorge: Do you expect me to talk?
Wolf: No, Mr. Gorge, I expect you to use the bukkit.
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