Music to map syncronisation

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<div class="IPBDescription">Department of Redundancy Department</div>As in, being able to syncrohnise the music (sound?) playing to both player experience and map events: joining players drop in at certain part of the song, some things can be scripted to happen at certain parts of the songs, etc. Even if it'll be fairly obscure like Sound(name):PlayingPos() or something, I'm sure people will figure it out eventually.

Reason: having the lights dim or flicker during a certain moment in the song is the most kick-ass thing I can possibly think of; on a more utility note, one could go the L4D route of having the music be informative of gameplay. Also probably lots of other stuff I can't think of at the moment.


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    I have to admit.. this is possible one of the few Ideas I absolutely love. ambient music/sound having parts of it triggering events in the map.
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    or, a dynamic music system? a lot harder to code though.
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    The problem with dynamic music is that tends to fail in both dynamic and music departments.

    You can hang loops onto certain events all you like - good luck detecting complex ones at that - but it'll not only entirely decimate pacing and composition, it'll actually be an annoyance due to falling into routine, something that dynamic music is meant to avoid in the first place. Per se, the examples I gave - Left 4 Dead - doesn't have much music to speak of, mostly just short loops attached to very specific events, and even that gets on your nerves pretty quickly.

    Hypothetically though, assuming the scripting system is anywhere near decent, we may be able to create dynamic music systems on our own, without the need for that suggestion at all (Hook:Add(), PlaySound(), etc.). But, again, its quality is another matter.
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