Post here if you have been playing since October 31st, 2002



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    QUOTE (locallyunscene @ Sep 18 2009, 01:39 PM) »
    I was playing a small game last night and watched an onos stand directly on the phasegate to get a marine and thought to myself &quot;No, idiot! You're going to get telefragged!&quot; Old habits die hard.<br />
    <br /><br /><br />
    That was what I was going to recall on my reply :p And the amount of res one could waste on getting stuck on geometry with fades blinking on servers without the unstuck plugin...
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    I'm sad to admit that I didn't find ns until 3.0

    I gotta fix it by being with ns2 from the beginning
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    I remember the mines on the doors of eclipse. Both doors would be so mined up the laser lights made my PC lag looking at them, then some alin would sacrifice/xeno one of the doorways and BOOM.

    I also remember one of the earliest comm strats in pub play was turret crawling from RT to RT, with the fact turrets didn't stop when the Tfac died.

    Babbler's were fun, but never really useful except clearing mines in a turtled MS.

    Remember when lerk gas stacked?

    Telefrag an onos by having PGs and IPs between you and your tech?

    Lerk spikes should have never been removed, Power Silo was awesome with them.

    I remember the communities' firm insistence on using the term "Bob". (fatty stuck though)
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    Oh god, the multi lerk gas attack of doom!

    Or 3 gorges running in to MS and spamming 10 OCs each... don't remember why that stopped happening.
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    Omg Alien phasing was the best!

    "ok guys were seiging the hive...get those phase gates up. NOW MOVE MOVE MOVE."

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    Me :-)
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    QUOTE (Schimmel @ Sep 18 2009, 07:16 AM) »
    turret walls ftw :)

    Walking on a solid mat of turrets from MS to hive...
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    Pancake Lorking for 30 minutes straight on a Pre-Season B1 League Map, and with the next day they implemented severe adrenaline drain.

    The days before Focus were good as well.

    And trapping a Developer(Fla... =D) with a Command Chair Ball on the very first NS_Eclipse.
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    high pings and inhuman hitboxes wohoo!
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    I could be an alien disguised as a marine or a lork on the clorf that hovared without flapping........
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    its all about jumping on top up hive with rocket pack and knifing away hehe
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    Yep, a first day guy here. 1st real server I played on was Coronos In Space, till Nitro made half the regs there join the OSS clan, which basically killed that server. Moved to Guns4Back2School and STILL havent left.

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    I have but, I don't really remember much from that time, other than the 100 res super-hardcore Onos.
  • RobBRobB TUBES OF THE INTERWEB Join Date: 2003-08-11 Member: 19423Members, Constellation, Reinforced - Shadow Posts: 3,660
    Heh, +stopcommandermode was incredible fun. Kill a Marine, "evolve" into one and use his HMG on his comrades*. MUHA!

    * Note: Can't remember if it allowed you to pick up weapons as fake rine.
  • Raza.Raza. Join Date: 2004-01-24 Member: 25663Members, Constellation Posts: 712
    Which version fixed the super lag issues?
    I remember playing ns_hera and everyone had 250+ pings. Worked surprisingly well though. :)
  • RobBRobB TUBES OF THE INTERWEB Join Date: 2003-08-11 Member: 19423Members, Constellation, Reinforced - Shadow Posts: 3,660
    I played from 1.04 on and it was smoothly around 60~100 for me, not counting the laser limbo parties i crashed with my skulking.
    and the server with it.
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    QUOTE (Razagal @ Sep 18 2009, 10:47 PM) »
    Which version fixed the super lag issues?
    I remember playing ns_hera and everyone had 250+ pings. Worked surprisingly well though. :)


    And er- no it didn't :p

    Not from my experience, anyway!
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    QUOTE (Delphic @ Sep 18 2009, 06:41 AM) »
    The best thing about the early versions was the fear! People were kinda scared of all the aliens and if they saw an onos they just turned and ran, hahaha!

    +1 to standing just behind the doors.

    OMG yes. This is what originally drew me to ns. This is the goal behind every one of my posts and suggestions. This is what I miss the most...
    Oh, and babblers, I loved those little guys.

    If NS2 even partially has the feeling of old school ns, I'll buy it for all my friends just so I can play more.

    Edit: I also miss threading my way past dozens of mine lasers as a skulk on tanith. I used to play against this one comm who instead of base defenses would just fill both entry corridors with mines on the floors and ceilings, which meant any skulk gutsy and agile enough to make it through had MS entirely to themselves :-)
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    If you thought you were pro and got killed by doors closing shut on you, continue to post here.

    p.s. Onos getting killed by closing doors was an instant classic.
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    Yes I have been playing since the first launch October 31st...

    Definitely looking forward to NS2 and happy for how far the game has come.
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    QUOTE (vEtEr4n @ Sep 17 2009, 11:54 PM) »
    Unwarranted criticism.

    I sincerely feel that proximity mines with infrared trip beams make my life complete.

    Mine climbing <3

    I don't remember when I started, but I was around for a loooooong time.
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    Yeah, I don't necessarily remember when I started, I just remember that Onos's use to be amazingly insanely scary and all I wanted to do was run away.

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    I remember 3 hives for an onos and when hera used to be really different, but not babblers, which is odd because I'm fairly sure I played NS 1.0.
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    I'm also posting for epeen growth.
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    I long for the days to blink inside of the armory, flailing arms about in a futile manner.
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    I remember release day quite well actually, because I had gotten food poisoning from Taco Bell and between handing out candy to people I was vomiting my guts out. Then one of my canadian friends told me about it being released and bugged me to play it with him. Been playing it ever since.
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    QUOTE (Cereal_KillR @ Sep 20 2009, 04:08 PM) »
    I'm also posting for epeen growth.

    You would say something like that. Unban my old account and I too will have a 02' join date.

    p.s. NYC Lan was where it was at! ... More like nerdville U.S.A including myself ... I Regret Nothing!!
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    i remember that i had to go to army few weeks after release of NS, then I was happy coming home on the weekends, to see my friends and family and especially playing NS :) was really a cool time (I mean playing the early NS, not going to army :P )
  • NeXuZNeXuZ Join Date: 2003-08-12 Member: 19594Members Posts: 222
    i have played NS way before the whole steam program thingy.

    But back then i was better as alien player then now. Better marin.

    Its allways been on and off playing this game.
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    Ah the good old days. I remember beta testing the older versions of NS. There was time when egging would cause whole servers to crash and vets and constees were in fierce competition with each other.
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