Evaluating product for commercial use - couple of small questions :)

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Hey, I'm just evaluating Decoda for possible commercial usage as our Lua debugger, I just have a couple of quick questions.

1) Currently we are reading Lua files from disk with our own asset management system and then loading the data with luaL_loadbuffer (basically equivalent to lua_load). When I start debugging, Decoda detects these buffers being loaded and shows them in the project view (such as "MAIN" when I load "main.lua"). Is it possible to associate main.lua with this "MAIN" buffer, so any breakpoints placed in main.lua outside of executation are hit? Should we be using luaL_loadfile or something? Sorry if this is answered in your documentation somewhere, I was unable to find it.

2) The Perforce SCM/SCC integration seems very shaky at the moment. I could only set it up by directly editing the .deuser file as Decoda would crash if I set it up from the GUI. It generally works once I've set it up this way but if I try to then edit the project settings from Decoda it will crash. It also seems to consistently crash if I try to attach Decoda to a running process with the Perforce integration set up. Is there any foreseeable progress to fixing these sorts of issues as Perforce integration would be quite important for us.

Otherwise I've found Decoda to be an excellent tool and I'm already planning to pick up an indy license for my personal use regardless of what the company decides. Great job guys! :)


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    When you call luaL_loadbuffer, if you use "@main.lua" as the name parameter it should do what you want. We're away of issues with the Perforce SCC plugin, but we don't currently have a timetable for fixing them. Sorry about that.
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    Ah, thank you very much, works fine now. The Perforce thing can be worked around but I could also bring up the possibility of us obtaining a source license and fixing it ourselves. Thanks for the speedy reply.
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