Total # of useful IPs?

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This guy on a server wouldn't shut up about how you can only have 2 IPs, any more are useless. Everyone else seemed to think it was at least 3, possibly 4, before any more were useless.

Anyone know the definitive answer?


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    Yep, i'm pretty sure that's him. Anyways. Would love some proper feedback.
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    Troll much?

    To tone down the flame aspect, here's how things actually went down, but hidden. Feel free to skip if you dont care, but i just have to set this straight.

    <span style='color:#000000;background:#000000'>You began as the comm and when everyone begged you to get a third IP (on a 32 server with high marine deaths), you said it was useless because they won't spawn in any more than two.

    The whole marine team laughed at you for it, and then we proceeded to demand that you drop a 3rd ip so we could show you. And we showed you (i guess you bailed on comm there too? I saw you staring at IPs for about 5 mins).

    Then you started on this tangent about how only two can spawn at the exact same time, which is a completely different argument than your original. You couldn't seem to grasp that each IP has its own cooldown, but maybe you did that on purpose.

    As for the rest of your post here (me apparently spamming the mic, calling you ignorant and 'uncool', lol)... Give up your trolling.</span>

    So, hopefully someone will give some proper answers on this question, since I'm pretty sure it's been about 5 years since the IP spawn system has been touched, and that the utility has been maxed at 3 (or even 4) for that whole time.
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    The maximum i have ever seen dropped is 3, in a serious game. All three could spawn if I remember correctly although i am normally using 2. And both of you should just PM each other when it comes to arguing.
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    When I last played NS1 properly the comm would drop at least 3, possibly 4 if the base was getting attacked a lot. Meant that if 1 or 2 got chomped down would still have at least 2 players spawning in for replacement quick enough.
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    I think the question was answered and I'll close this while it's still just embers. Don't want it to turn into flames ^^;.
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