NS2 Viral Video 1.

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<div class="IPBDescription">Here is how I would go about one.</div>Here is my idea for a YouTube Viral Video for Natural Selection 2. An idea Charlie(Flayra)/Max and forum members.

Title: Sci-Fi Gone Wild.

YouTube Description: Something unexpected is discovered on the space station.
The base has some new visitors.

YouTube Tags: alien gorge marine male female sci fi scifi sci-fi hive first person shooter rts real time strategy real-time cute cuddly kawaii desu sexy death commander action adventure video game suspense all your base belong to us. (More to add later from suggestions.)

-Video starts-

Scene to a bunch of Gorges running around in a Hive Room building such odd Alien structures here and there. Have them chuckle and make Alien sounds randomly (ingame sounds that make you want to squeeze them because they look cuddly). Then change scene to a Squad Leader Female Marine with two Male Marines (Female Marine on point) stopping at a corner junction just outside the Hive Room. Female peeks around corner and spots Gorges, then hides back around corner while pressed up against the wall and turns her head back to her two Male Marines and says:

SLFM1: Lifeform(s) spotted boys.
MM1: Roger that!

Camera pans quickly facing the Hive Room, and sees all Gorges look towards the corner junction.
Camera pans quickly facing the Hive Room, and 1 Gorge hopping along turns and looks towards the corner junction.

Gorges: Sounds of growling and readiness. (Like the Shriekers in Tremors.)

Second camera angle facing the direction the Marines came from (showing all 3).

1*-Both MM1 and MM2 look at each other-
-SLFM1 readys herself-

1*MM2 says while looking at MM1:

MM2: Ah Sh!t... (Can bleep if need be.)
MM2: (Smiling) Time to get that bacon.
MM1: -Smiles in response-

-Scene to black-

Natural//Selection (Like in the teaser, but no dynamic infestation.)

-----Marine Flag Symbol----- (Like in the teaser.)

-End video-

This should be no longer than 30 to 45 seconds. Also please suggest more YouTube Tags to add to the video description (obviously ones that would make sense) and discuss please. (Wish I could add poll options.)


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    Ok, I added in some alternate mid-scene actions, to give some flexibility. So it can either be super serious or serious with cheeky humor.
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    You shouldn't overload the Tags.
    I usualy don't even wait for the Buffer to fill when I see 20zillion Tags in a Video, just to avoid a Rickroll or a bad experience in general.
  • JimydJimyd Join Date: 2003-02-08 Member: 13289Members
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    That is true, but if the NS2 DEV Team can get it hosted with the highest HD quality possible with a quick load time, people will already be watching the video before they click the "more info" button.

    Amazing that there has not been more comments on this?
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    Like the idea, viral video would be awesome and I would submit the video to all of the social media sites I belong too such as Reddit and Digg, getting a frontpage article on Digg would get a HUGE number of views and would absolutely attract a huge number of new NS players as opposed to just bringing back the old NS1 crowd.
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