Unable to sign IPs / Port to Game..

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Help! :(
When i try +ip -port 27015 i get

96.7 fps  0/24 on         ns_shiva
Console initialized.
Protocol version 48
Exe version (valve)
Exe build: 14:02:02 Oct 24 2008 (4382)
STEAM Auth Server
couldn't exec language.cfg
couldn't exec banned.cfg
Server IP address
Adding master server
Adding master server
Your server is out of date.  Please update and restart.

if i remove the IP settings the server runs fine.

EDIT: I've tried this on serval Dedi Boxs and came up with the same results. its not a port or game port collision.
each Server i Host is on different Port, 27015 and up. 27015 on the IP im trying to run this on is Free and unused.
CSS,CS,DOD,TF2 and HL1 run fine.

EDIT2: Installed -game valve from hldsupdatetool, downloaded and installed ns_dedicated_server_v32.zip from multiple mirrors and ran fresh installs.

Please Help!

Thanky You.


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