The Life Of A Kharaa

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My first FanFic ever!
Well, here's my first attempt of a fanfic. Hope you guys like it.

The Bacterium felt the intruders enter the new home. It remembered this species, vaguely. They were strange, but many new homes for the Bacterium had been destroyed or taken over by these species. The Bacterium always spread, however, and always preserved its genetic memory. But all its vague memories of these species always equated to one thing - pain. Therefore, the Bacterium knew it must obliterate these intruders or be destroyed.

It searched out through its mat-like covering over its new home, and found the perfect spot for reproduction. It was warm, wet, and there was an outlet to the strange substance which allowed it to grow most rapidly nearby. The Bacterium coalesced in this spot, forming a giant organ - a hive. It remembered absorbing this species, and the Bacterium remembered mutilating it to serve its purpose. The Bacterium knew what it must do - create this hive. But it had a massive risk: the Bacterium knew that if the hive were to be destroyed, so would its presence in the new home.

At last the hive completed its fusing, and immediately started its function - to produce fighting creatures fit to obliterate these intruders. To these the Bacterium gave a single command: "Cleanse the intruders."

It felt like waking up, even though there was no existence prior to being created.

Conciousness began shortly before exiting the hive. Even so, it could remember many things despite having just been created. The creature could 'remember' its bretheren attacking the intruders, trying to purify their home, but not succeeding. The intruders were winning. It could almost sense the Bacterium's fear. Fear of being destroyed. It had to do something to preserve the life of itself and of the Bacterium.

But what could the creature do? The answer came to its mind quickly - evolve. Grow to become a new form, one that can help destroy the intruders.

To evolve, it needed the strange substance found aboard their new home. The Bacterium had been collecting it for a time, and it could be turned into new flesh, and ultimately a new creature. But because only one hive was created, the Bacterium could only support two other types of beings. Also, the Bacterium had not collected enough of the substance to allow the underlings to evolve to the more powerful fighter of the two beings. But the lesser one was enough for now. It concentrated on what it wanted its new form to be.

Immediately a hard shell formed about itself, while inside the creature gestated and mutated into a new being. This being would be able to allow the Bacterium to grow, and to allow the underlings to become more powerful. Perhaps powerful enough to carry out the Bacterium's bidding to kill the intruders.

At last its evolution was complete, and the new creature emerged from its protective shell. Almost right away it could feel the harvesting of the substance from the only nozzel under its control. But though there was enough of this to create the fighting creatures, there was not nearly enough to support the advancement of the Bacterium and its underlings. So immediately it set out in search of more of these vents of resources.

It took some duration of time, but finally it found the characteristic steam coming out of a vent which was virtually a giver-of-life. It needed to create a special self-sufficient organ tied to the bacterium to collect the material. It concentrated, and its body swelled, collecting enough matter to create this organ, this resource collector.

The creature had almost collected enough material in its body to create the structure when it sensed danger. It heard strange footprints - like metal on metal it was, but the sound was coming closer. It knew it was an intruder, and it knew that its new form was useless for fighting. It started to feel fear, but not for itself. As an underling of the Bacterium, it knew that its own life was worthless. But if it was killed in its new form, then all the material the Bacterium had collected would go to waste. The Bacterium may not be able to collect enough resources to create another of its kind before the only hive - and its presence in its new home - would be destroyed. The gorge sent a silent plea for help to all its bretheren through the hivesight linkage.

The strange footsteps turned a corner, and the creature saw it. Though the gorge was not a fighter, it would still defend itself. It produced a small ball of acid in its stomach, then hurled it out with massively strong stomach muscles. The green glob of goo lanced towards the creature, and struck it head on, eating through its strange hide. Another spit glob hurled at it convinced the creature, for a moment at least, to hide back behind the corridor wall.

The gorge's hopes that the creature would flee did not come true, however. It could hear the creature making strange noises to itself, seemingly. Then, after a small duration of time, there was a strange, high pitched sound. Through genetic memory, the gorge remembered that this sound accompanied a strange object falling right out of the ceiling, and when the intruders picked this object up, they seemed to become healthier. Then the creature jumped out from the passageway again, and ran towards the gorge while the object in its hand constantly made loud sounds. Pain accompanied those loud sounds, as the gorge could feel something hitting its hide and piercing its flesh. Instincts had kicked in, and the gorge jumped around, trying to avoid the streams of fire and pain spitting from the intruder, while hurling its own globs of acid at the intruder. But the pain only increased, and the gorge felt its own life being whittled down. Its short life would end soon. It made a small plea of forgiveness to the Bacterium. I have failed you, it thought, if its thoughts could be turned into words. I have failed you, forgive me.

Just as it felt what seemed to be the last of its life being taken away, the fire spitting out from the intruder stopped. The gorge was puzzled at this, at the fringe of its conciousness. It had ceased to be able to try to avoid the intruder's pain, and was now laying on the floor, almost dead, wating for the final death that would come from the intruder. But the death never came. While the intruder fumbled with its weapon, trying to reload it and kill the miserable creature, a fighting underling ran in, and with a mere two bites, killed the intruder. The gorge was thankful, it would be able to continue to serve the Bacterium for another little while, at least.

While the helpful warrior scurried away to help its brothers in combat, the gorge realized that the Bacterium had saved up enough for the resource collector. It let the material surge through its body, through to the protrusions in its mouth, and it came out as the organic material of the Bacterium. At first, it was only a shapeless blob on the vent. But through the guidance of the gorge, the glob grew, and formed into the Bacterium's resource collector.

With the Bacterium now collecting more resources, there was enough resource to create another type of organ for the Bacterium. Once again the gorge let the material flow through its body, turning from the inorganic goo to the organic, divine flesh of the Bacterium. This structure was different, and much less complicated than the resource collector. It finished growing sooner, and immediately started its primary job - to heal. The gorge relished in the pleasure of it, as the Bacterium coursed through its veins and recreated the gorge, effectively healing it. It was blissful, to have the Bacterium make the gorge feel as if it were freshly come out of the hive itself.

Now, fully healed, the gorge noticed a new urgency to do something - to evolve itself further. Not a major evolution, but it knew that with the new organ being created, the Bacterium would be able to support a new advancement to its underlings. They would be able do develop thicker hides, and survive the intruder's fire long enough to perhaps complete the Bacterium's bidding.

But the gorge could see, through its hivesight, that this was not enough. The Bacterium needed more help to cleanse the intruders. It needed to create another hive for the Bacterium. It concentrated, and the Bacterium showed the gorge where another spot was that was perfect for hive development. At once, the gorge set out.

Along the path to the hive location, the gorge found two more resource vents. It grew collectors on these so the Bacterium would be able to collect more resources. Also, the gorge built more healing organs, and a new organ which would launch acid globs similar to the gorge's at any intruders they 'saw.' It chuckled to itself as these new organs killed a group of intrudrers, while the intruders uselessly unleashed their pain at the organs, while the structures were constantly being healed by healing organs and the gorge itself, spitting Bacterium microbes into the air which rebuilt the structures even as it was destroyed.

Finally it reached the spot for the would-be new hive. Through hivesight, the gorge could see the ghost of where the Bacterium wanted the hive to be. It waited for some time, while its body collected the strange substance which would allow the creation of a new hive. It was the most substances the gorge would ever collect at once, for the hive was a massive organ.

Finally the gorge could release a massive ball of organic flesh. It watched with satisfaction as the blob extended out four tentacles to the ceiling, then pulled itself up off the ground. Unlike the other organs grown by the gorge, this one could not be helped along on its growth - it was the Bacterium's alone to guide the hive to completion. The gorge could do nothing now but wait.

But the gorge could not wait for long. Through its connection to the Bacterium, the gorge heard/felt/saw warning of a new danger. The intruders were now able to fly. That was impossible, but it was happening. A group of intruders, flying and avoiding all warriors, were heading to the new hive. The hive was still growing itself, and was very vunerable. The gorge sent a message to all the warriors: Protect the hive! The gorge positioned itself to be able to launch its acid blobs at any intruder coming through the entrance. It would protect its hive at all costs.

The hissing of the flying intruders was barely heard before one, then three more, then five intruders flew through the entrance. The gorge tried to launch acid globs at the intruders, but none hit. It could see several warriors around it trying to get at the intruders, by jumping off the ground or climbing walls to try to jump at them, but none of them could reach the intruders. It was frusturating! The intruders soared around, killing the Bacterium's underlings, launching fire and pain at the growing hive, and they could not do anything to prevent it!

But then, the gorge remembered about the other creature the Bacterium was able to support right now. Once... if... the growing hive matures, then the Bacterium would be able to support another creature, but as current the Bacterium could only allow evolution to one other creature, as the growing hive could not take those responsibilities yet. But it didn't matter, as this form was precicely the exact form the gorge wanted to become. It sought out a hidden corner in the room, so perhaps the intruders would not notice it, then concentrated on a new form.

The hard shell formed almost immediately, while the creature inside underwent massive changes. It lost much of its mass, but its forelegs grew, and a leather grew between that and its body. Its head became suited perfectly for catching its prey while flying - for that was what it was going to do.

It had fears that the new hive would be killed before it finished gestating, but they were unfounded. It chuckled as it broke through the casing - these intruders were about to feel the true terror of a flying creature!

The lerk leaped up, then started flapping and flying toward the nearest intruder. It had landed, and was walking around the ground for some reason. Perhaps it was because all the other warriors in the hive room were killed. But it didn't matter, as it silently glided in behind the intruder, then crunched down with powerful jaws on the intruder's ugly head.

The lerk was not able to relish its first taste of flesh, however, as the noise from its biting attracted the attention of the other intruders. It launched itself off of the body (hearing the satisfying sound of it striking the ground), then dodged and swerved madly to avoid the firey pain of the intruders. It knew that it would only have to evade for so long, before the intruders were unable to stop spitting out their pain, which was when it would strike the rest of them.

There! It heard the distinct click which meant an intruder had stopped spitting, and it launched itself through the air towards the sound. It saw its target, adjusted its flight slightly to compensate for its futile evasion, then reached out and bit its hard hide. It took a three concrete bites, then the limp figure fell to the ground. Only three more intruders to kill, then the new hive would be safe. But the lerk was exhausted. The new species did not have much stamina, and flying and biting took up much of its little energy. So it dove down, through the gap between the grated floor and the wall, pulled up, then landed - no, crashed - onto the solid floor underneath. There it breathed heavily, feeling its energy regain itself, and the few wounds repair themselves from the nearby healing organs it had placed earlier as a gorge.

Looking up, it could see that one of the intruders - they had all landed now, strangely enough - was peering down between a gap in the flooring, trying to see the lerk so the intruder could shoot it. But it was too dark for the intruder to see, though the lerk could see the intruder just fine. And it knew how to take care of this intruder.

On either side of its head, two spots opened up. Specialized air sacs in the lerk's lungs shot out specially formed cartilage spikes at massive speeds towards the intruder. The first half dozen spikes hit the intruder's strange, tough hide on its torso, not doing much damage at all. But this caused the intruder to look around at the approximate direction of where the spikes shot from. The lerk wanted this, as it adjusted its aim slightly. Two spikes pierced the intruder's face, and the loathsome creature fell down from where it was standing, down into the pit, and almost landed on top of the lerk. The lerk leaped up, then flapped out of its healing pit, then looked around for the remaining two intruders.

It spotted one intruder quickly, and started to fly towards it, but the intruder started spitting out its fire and pain upon the lerk. The lerk dodged wildly again; first diving, then banking left and climbing rapidly, then flaring its wings and flapping strangely, effectively going backwards. Only a few specks of pain hit, and they were easily absorbed by the lerk's improved hide. Then the lerk was directly below the intruder, so it flapped upward madly, and with three firm bites tore the intruder to the ground.

The last intruder in the hive room remained, so the lerk flew directly at it. As expected, it heard the now familiar clicking of the ceasing of fire, and flared and stopped right in front of the intruder's grotesque face. They both hovered for what seemed like minutes, as the lerk watched the intruder's face change from acute concentration, to puzzlement, then to realization, then to fear. But, in reality, it took less than a second; before the lerk flapped forwards once, then ripped the intruder's head off of its body.

The Bacterium could now watch with content, as its underlings finished off the remaining intruders on its new home. After the second hive matured, the Bacterium and its underlings could evolve and transform into beings powerful enough to wipe out the intruders. Eventually they created a third hive, and were able to complete the Bacterium's dominance over their new home.

This new species was the Bacterium's main enemy. As far as it was concerned, by providing so much resistance to the Bacterium they did not deserve to be assimilated into the Bacterium like countless species before them. The Bacterium would reach out and obliterate this new species, in order for it to grow unhindered throughout the universe.

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    Excellent story! I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you for sharing it with us.
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    yeh, i liked it also, nice insight into the life of the bacterium, good job. keep em coming
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    more feedback to come as the parental units want me offline!
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    biggrin.gif Great perspective writing!! biggrin.gif There are a lot of stories writin from the gorges point of veiw.. well, a lot that i have read. you wrote clearly, concisly and put some thinking into it...

    p.s. i luved the part were the marine realized the futility of his situiatin,
    just before the lerk bit his head off smile.gif

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    Great story! i really like fanfic from the aliens perspective and this is the best I've read.
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    WOW!! Great story man, I really enjoyed it. First time I read a story in the perspective of a Kharaa, and it was awsome. Please, continue to write more stories for us. biggrin.gif

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    Nice Storie! more! how about The Life Of A Kharaa - Part 2 ? would b kool...

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    QUOTE (niknito123 @ Sep 18 2003, 03:31 AM)
    Nice Storie! more! how about The Life Of A Kharaa - Part 2 ? would b kool...

    You realize that by going down to age-old topics and posting in them, you are 'bumping' them to the front of the page so everyone can see a topic months old.

    Not that I don't like this topic, but many, erm, bad topics have been resurrected just for you to say, "ok!" or something. Just telling you.

    Now, with that out of the way, this is a pretty cool one, why don't you do some more? I like your writing style.
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    Fantastic story, it's the first Kharaa based fan fic i have read, and it is absolutely brilliant!! Well Done, more please.
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    QUOTE (Soul Rider)
    Fantastic story, it's the first Kharaa based fan fic i have read, and it is absolutely brilliant!! Well Done, more please.

    QUOTE (pjofsky @ Sep 19 2003, 05:39 AM)
    You realize that by going down to age-old topics and posting in them, you are 'bumping' them to the front of the page so everyone can see a topic months old.

    Not that I don't like this topic, but many, erm, bad topics have been resurrected just for you to say, "ok!" or something.  Just telling you.

    Besides , the said writer hasn't checked for ages. No need to bump old topics like this one. We all know it's brilliant , but other's work can be brilliant as well.
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    Cool story!!!
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    it has a cute naive way of evolving (the story, i mean)
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    MORE!! MUST HAVE MORE STORIES!!!! nerd.gif
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    i like how you started the story, it set the mood very nicely. smile-fix.gif
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