The Containment Game!

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<div class="IPBDescription">With your host, Inexorable</div> This is a game you cannot afford to lose. More and more on pubs I'm seeing marine teams losing before a second hive goes up. They will spend too much time taking resource nodes by either turret farming at each one, or simply fighting over the spot. By the time they get to a hive location, the Kharaa are ready to set up shop there.

If the marines find themselves fighting over taking their first hive, the game may already be lost. You need to be fighting over the <i>second</i> hive. I'm seeing alien teams starting to figure out how many gorges to get for fast hive construction. I'm seeing 2 hives up before any chambers are even built, simply because the aliens know they have the containment game won.

Get out there, get a hive location, move toward the next one. Time is not on your side.


  • TerrTerr Arthritic Skulk Join Date: 2002-11-07 Member: 7486Members
    I just had a good marine game that wasn't like that. It was on Caged, and I led about four of my teammates on foot (I wasn't commanding) to the generator hive. Once there, I persuaded the commander (after a few turrets) to plop down a CC and then some portals. In the end, the aliens overran our starting position at the same time we took out their ventilation second hive. Eventually we controlled both hives and rebuilt our spawn, and proceeded to take out the sewer.

    And we didn't even get HMGs until having already taken out the second hive. Because everyone worked together, in groups, at the base minimum a buddy system, at most a group of five.
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