Divergent Game Mode

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<div class="IPBDescription">Maybe something with a survival type theme...</div>So basically, the story of NS is that strange Bacterium has gotten onto human space vessels. The bacterium eventually grows offensive organs (hive, skulk, etc...) to remove the humans from their "rightfully claimed" ship. Essentially, the Bacterium is only limited by the resources available on the ship, but it can still create a slew of complex organisms.

The story never involves itself in what would happen if the Kharaa got their hands on the resources of an entire planet. Besides your standard Marine vs. Kharaa RTS, it would be pretty cool to create divergent game modes. Imagine a vessel is on crash course with a planet, and the TSA must stop the collision at all costs to prevent granting the Kharaa with the resources of an entire world. The Frontiersman would be given certain objectives to destroy the ship before it crashed. Objectives like restoring power, replacing fuel, activating consoles, etc... even a little bit of interactive crew based objectives such as a bit of piloting or hangar tasks (although I think it would be bit too complex...)

After this, the crew needs to get the hell out of the ship, maybe all the Marines need to make a mad break to the back of the ship to get into an escape pod on time. Just imagine how fun that would be, trying to run to an escape pod inside an exploding ship full of angry Kharaa. While everything is going on, I would imagine that the Kharaa would be trying their best to prevent it from happening. Maybe they would even be given counter objectives to hinder or prevent the marines.

Technology and play style on both sides would be different then standard RTS fair. I would think that the marines would only be limited to a certain number of "lives," ammo, and weapons to promote the vulnerable and "running away" feeling. Likewise, the Kharaa will focus upon sneaky aliens instead of Onos or Fade (except maybe the run like hell to the escape pod part) to generate more fear.

All in all, the game mode should be very atmospheric and tense with a strong survival theme compared to standard NS (This is all assuming NS2 will play similarily to NS).


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    i like the idea, although some of this elements can be found in other games they of course they lack unique ns theme. maybe one of alternative game modes? i dont know, ns2:episode one <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink-fix.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";)" border="0" alt="wink-fix.gif" />
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    Post search.........................
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    Enough about post search, I'm not trying to research what other people have suggested, I'm trying to get my ideas out on the front page.

    Obviously, we don't know too much about NS2 or what game mode it will have (atleast I don't know). I only assume NS2 will have the classic RTS strategy game that made it so unique.

    It's kinda like why you will play RTS games alot, then suddenly want to play FPS for while. Then racing games, or RPGs, or whatever. It would kinda be like NS2 with a few different game play modes that allow someone to choose what he wants to play, Strategy Game or Survival Game?

    What do you guys think about something like that in an FPS? I'm not sure if something similar has been done with this before, incorporating two completely different game play modes into one overall game. Obviously, it would be very diffilcult but it would also be very cool. You are creating two different games, but both games share the same multimedia resources.
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    Like I said.............post search and reply on those posts rather than having a new 'idea' that has alread been posted......look thru them and then post on that thread to :bump it: if you like that idea and say how you would like to see it or refine it.............

    LIKE these:
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    Look some...............a little maybe?
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