Commanders Must Have Mics

TheDamageTheDamage Join Date: 2002-11-06 Member: 7348Members
<div class="IPBDescription">obvious but....</div> If you do not have a decent mic, do not use your decent mic, do not speak english (or the native language of your marines) then DO NOT BECOME COMMANDER. Thank you.

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  • TurtleTurtle Join Date: 2002-10-18 Member: 1540Members
    I disagree. I've seen many great commanders who don't say a word on voice com, yet still win the game.

    A good commander constantly gives out orders, and a good marine follows those orders regardless of whether you hear someone yelling in your ear to get that order done.
  • FlatlineUTDFlatlineUTD Join Date: 2002-11-08 Member: 7695Members
    I've only been in 1 game where the commander didn't have a mic and still won. Personally, I *hate* the commander not having a mic - it's vital to let your troops know what's going on. Sure, you can give out waypoints and place structures without a mic, but if you let your troops constantly know why or where you're doing what you're doing, they work together.

    Having to type out your plans just doesn't cut it.
  • NarfwakNarfwak Join Date: 2002-11-02 Member: 5258Members, Super Administrators, Forum Admins, NS1 Playtester, Playtest Lead, Forum Moderators, Constellation, NS2 Playtester, Squad Five Blue, Reinforced - Supporter, Reinforced - Silver, Reinforced - Gold, Reinforced - Diamond, Reinforced - Shadow, Subnautica PT Lead, NS2 Community Developer
    I have to agree with flat on this one. You have to be a very skilled commander to get by without direct speach, and even then you can never do truely well.
  • lazygamerlazygamer Join Date: 2002-01-28 Member: 126Members
    I really wanted speech in HL, but I believe there is something my card does not support that prevents this. My mic works fine btw, even works in YIM voice chat. I use a soundblaster PCI 128. Wahhh I want voice! <!--emo&:(--><img src='' border='0' valign='absmiddle' alt='sad.gif'><!--endemo-->

    Ok well i'd encourage people to really be concerned about how they sound, and don't forget that joke about british teenagers mumbling. <!--emo&;)--><img src='' border='0' valign='absmiddle' alt='wink.gif'><!--endemo-->

    Strangely, I only hear North Americans and Brits. Wheres the black d00dz, wheres the french, german, russian, asian, east indian? WTF is up, do brits got some **obscenity** monopoly on the "HL voice cultural exchance". <!--emo&:)--><img src='' border='0' valign='absmiddle' alt='smile.gif'><!--endemo-->
  • NeonJamNeonJam Join Date: 2002-11-03 Member: 5700Members
    Nah, i dont really agree, but i should hook my headphones up...

    Anyway, i've commanded 3 full games, We won the first two, because i had initial control, while the third we lost because the commander was doing a bad job until he left. All that with no mic. I guess it helps that I type really freaking fast...

    Im afraid my voice sounds too girlish to be a commander <!--emo&:(--><img src='' border='0' valign='absmiddle' alt='sad.gif'><!--endemo-->

    <!--emo&::skulk::--><img src='' border='0' valign='absmiddle' alt='skulk.gif'><!--endemo--> <!--emo&::asrifle::--><img src='' border='0' valign='absmiddle' alt='asrifle.gif'><!--endemo--> <!--emo&::gorge::--><img src='' border='0' valign='absmiddle' alt='pudgy.gif'><!--endemo-->
  • FlatlineUTDFlatlineUTD Join Date: 2002-11-08 Member: 7695Members
    I've heard all different kinds of people on voice comm - Brits, Australians (yeah, there's a difference!), Asian, even one French guy.
  • DarkWulfDarkWulf Join Date: 2002-11-02 Member: 4662Members
    i command without voice...

    i'm a passable commander, but i find if i really need to explain patiently to a grunt that it would be a good idea if he didn't pretend to be rambo, and go out and maybe die a couple of the times securing nodes... well, lets just say if i need to explain, or when someone is explaining, the whole team seems to collapse on itself.

    tbh: i have found no correlation between voicecomm and commanding abilities. 99% of the time, having marines that obey WITHOUT question is the best way to go. i remember one game where the commander basically gave up because the team wouldn't do anything. he just dropped us all armor/guns and left the server. he had voicecomm, and was fairly competent. i don't think explaining his plans any number of times would have saved the game.
  • MNStarscreamMNStarscream Join Date: 2002-11-15 Member: 8711Members
    Well, with my clan, I can speak japanese, but that's mostly for emphasis. Plus it scares away outsiders.
  • UnknownUnknown Join Date: 1970-01-01 Member:
    im english thankyou, you don't call canadians americans do you
  • SirusSirus Join Date: 2002-11-13 Member: 8466Members, NS1 Playtester, Constellation
    well its better if they have a mic, although i will flatly say dont think about getting in the commander seat if u dont have SOUND! u need to hear ur teammates!
  • sendersender Join Date: 2002-11-12 Member: 8337Members
    What about not having a moniter? No graphics card? Can I command by braile?

    You don't need a mic to command but it sure as hell helps. I don't have a mic and I've commanded wins, but my marines were pretty obediant and knew what was going on. As well they all had mics which was a HUGE help.

    Um so ya .... mic's si win.
  • InexorableInexorable Join Date: 2002-09-28 Member: 1360Members
    I've commanded many games (and won) without a mic. The only times I wish I had one were to give out very time critical information, such as the fact there are 3 Onos pounding on the CC. Most of the time I find I can type fast enough to get the point across.

    Also, I can't understand 95% of what people say over voice chat anyway. <!--emo&:(--><img src='' border='0' valign='absmiddle' alt='sad.gif'><!--endemo-->
  • FlatlineUTDFlatlineUTD Join Date: 2002-11-08 Member: 7695Members
    Sure, if you can type fast you can get information out - but I'd much rather be able to give orders and disperse information simultaneously. If I scanner sweep an area that my troops are headed into, find some cloaked ambush waiting, and then have to type a warning, they may already be dead.
  • CrazedMonkOnaMissionCrazedMonkOnaMission Join Date: 2002-11-06 Member: 7429Members
    The only problem I find with typing is that people often choose to ignore it, and listen only to voice. Which is really annoying when trying to get the message out that comm chair is under attack, whether you be a marine or a comm (some comms just don't notice comm chair is under attack in the heat of battle <!--emo&:p--><img src='' border='0' valign='absmiddle' alt='tounge.gif'><!--endemo--> )
  • DiscobirdDiscobird Join Date: 2002-11-07 Member: 7489Members
    In my experience- if you have a mic, use it. If you don't, no big loss; it will only make or break perhaps one game in a hundred. As a player, I listen to my commander regardless of how s/he communicates; the converse is true as a commander.
  • NeonJamNeonJam Join Date: 2002-11-03 Member: 5700Members
    Also, for me, i found it was one heck of alot easier for me to command a group with voicecom while i had none rather than me with com and barely any troops with it.
  • ekentekent Join Date: 2002-11-08 Member: 7801Members
    The comm doesn't need a mic as long as you have a couple competant marines who do -- and are willing to badger the rest of the team into obeying them.
  • BlackoutBlackout Join Date: 2002-11-17 Member: 9004Members
    That ekent guy hit the nail on the head. Usually the commander can get by without voice comm, so long as his leading men on the ground are being vocal and directing the action.
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