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padijunpadijun Join Date: 2002-11-01 Member: 3419Members
<div class="IPBDescription">Marines able to prone and sprint?</div> I know there's a suggestions forum, but this isn't really a suggestion, more of a discussion on how you think it would work out.

Prone: hit prone key, you lie down.

Pros: Smaller target for ranged attacks, higher weapon accuracy
Cons: You'd be so slow that aliens would have an easy time rushing you

I think this would work out in teams. 1 or 2 standing or crouched marines and one lying down for support fire would work well. You'd probably be a sitting duck if you were by yourself, but being alone is bad anyway.

Sprint: hold down sprint key and a movement key and you'll move much faster, but your stamina will drain. Your gun accuracy will be very crappy. Stamina won't recharge when you're walking or running but it will recharge at a medium level if you're not wearing heavy armor and it will recharge slowly when you are. When you're out of stamina you move at a very slow pace.

Advantages: faster movement for a limited bit of time
Disadvantages: Bad accuracy, stamina being drained makes you an easy target

This could give marines a tiny perk. Playing them right now is just seems simple. Move, shoot, crouch, follow orders. Nothing wrong with that, but this would give them more diversity, more options, more situations that the aliens would have to adapt to. Yes, I realize many other mods have prone and sprinting in them, but having similarities isn't always bad, and NS will still be one of the most innovative and original mods out there. Now I guess it's your turn to tell me why you think my ideas are good or horrible, and how you think they'd play out.


  • coilcoil Amateur pirate. Professional monkey. All pance. Join Date: 2002-04-12 Member: 424Members, NS1 Playtester, Contributor
    Can't go prone - HL is limited to 3 hull-sizes, which are all in use (crouch/small alien, stand/fade, Onos).

    As for stamina... eh. I don't see why *not*... but I don't see why, either. It's just added complexity with not much payoff.
  • Paranoia2MBParanoia2MB Join Date: 2002-11-09 Member: 7832Members
    and NO

    Useless, there are no HUGE areas..and there is hardly any recoil in the game. This isn't CS/FA/DOD, you point and shoot for dear life.

    Nah, not really needed when you have Jetpacks. But the marines do need speed upgrades or need to be boosted up in speed. I don't think a shotgun would slow you down that much or at all. And Stamina, that would just ..well..lets just give the marines 1hp and start next to an onos when the game start while we are at it so the aliens will just win 50x faster. No point in stamina

    My 2 cents
  • GravitonSurgeGravitonSurge Join Date: 2002-11-03 Member: 6138Members
    Stamina = Bad.. just bunnyhop
  • padijunpadijun Join Date: 2002-11-01 Member: 3419Members
    I don't see why sprinting would be too complex, it was extremlely easy to adjust to in all the other games that I've played that have it. And if it's still too complicated, well, you always have the option to not use it. As for the guns being to accurate for better accuracy to be pointless... well, look at how easy it is for a fade to hold of a HA/HMG at long ranges(i. e. one end of a hallway to the other), especially when the fade has regeneration. I've held places by myself for 20 minute stretches against unorganized attackers. The spread on an LMG for a range of a long hallway is about 7-8 times bigger than a skulk's body.
  • PooPoo Join Date: 2002-11-15 Member: 8686Members
    Question is: <i>Why</i> do you need to sprint?
  • Carbon14Carbon14 Join Date: 2002-07-29 Member: 1025Members, Retired Developer
    Why? because you want an advantage that makes skulks killing you almost impossible. <!--emo&???--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/confused.gif' border='0' valign='absmiddle' alt='confused.gif'><!--endemo-->

    Another thing with the prone issue is that the game is meant to mostly CLOSE quarters fighting, they didn't include a sniper for this reason.
  • DestinyDestiny Join Date: 2002-11-18 Member: 9159Members
    why the hell u wana prone.... duh... sounds like DoD... <!--emo&:p--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/tounge.gif' border='0' valign='absmiddle' alt='tounge.gif'><!--endemo-->
  • KyuneKyune Join Date: 2002-11-16 Member: 8952Members
    None of these things seem really necessary--I mean, the sprint might be useful in some situations but given the scale of things, clogging through some of those halls is probably the equivalent of a good job, or even a run. Game scale and all, y'know.
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