Movie Config?

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some tweaks/settings needed
Can anybody create a movie configuration .cfg for me? I need to turn of
  • the hud including hivebar, combar, healthbar, ammobar, upgrade buttons
  • the crosshair (not too important)
  • ingame chatmessages
  • the who killed who messages
  • the "level up", "ingame help" info boxes
  • AMX/metamod/statsme/adminmod messages
  • rightclick command window (does not close properly in demoplayback)

Thank you very much. Didn't find it those script settings at my movie ressource. Natural - Selection seems to be too exotic. tsa.gif

Additionally: Do you have any tips for 3rd person or freecam mode? I have some problems to jump into it. Is there a command to activate it, too?


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    To remove the hud elements, you must modify ui.txt, which can't be don't through the console.

    3rd person has been disabled in-game because of exploits involving the skulk model. If it is still in at all, it would be behind sv_cheats. Try looking in the mapping guide for the commands. Check the sticky in the mapping forum.
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