Why The Most Skillful Fades Use Adrenaline



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    It really depends on what the rines have done, for me at least, I find celerity better for JPs and Adren better for HAs. However If my team has sens I WILL get silence SoF you'd be surpised how many rines do not look at thier minimap for that fade blinking at them, also the fact I know where the rambos are. Fading is very addaptabe to your style of play IMO a fade trained for cele will do just as much as a fade whom has attapted his play around the adren up and vice versa, Silence fades are nuscences and thats how I like to play NS. Thats why I get silence fades upgrade sets are all about how you play and what your are fighting.
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    now that i think of it...adrenaline sucks.

    celerity is better becasue it makes you harder to hit. adrenaline gives you more energy but it's only good if you do not know how to tap your mouse button to blink.
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    Celerity fades use their speed to dodge bullets.
    Adrenaline fades use a constant change in direction to dodge bullets.

    True celerity allows you to go large distances with very little energy, but I don't want to go long distances quickly. I want to move short distances changing direction quickly. To change direction you need to tap the fire key. I can tap my fire key as much as I want with adren, with celerity you can start to run out quickly if you tap it too often, add in some swipes as well and you won't be able to stay in that fight because you have no energy.

    If all you are doing is blinking at marines then celerity or silence are far better choices. If you want to make an effort at making aiming for the marine hard, then you need to try and dodge. Extra speed can help you get in and out quickly but it doesn't really help you avoid bullets because you tend to blink in longer straight lines.

    Blinking in straight lines is easy.
    Dodging and curling around marines is not as easy.
    So adrenaline fades are more skillful because they have to be able to dodge.
    Both can be effective but one is certainly harder to play.
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    Celerity is an AMAZING upgrade for Fades... it's by far the best MC upgrade.
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    Redemption and cloaking make fading harder too, the pros don't take them either.
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    When i started playing fade i allways got adren because i constantly went out of adren without it.

    But after a friend of mine who's playing uber-fade told me celerity is way better for a fade in the new version (dunno wich one it was but it had been when metabolize started to give adren back)

    At first i didn't believe him at all. I needed adren to keep on hitting these marines/buildings and still beeing able to blink away.
    But after i tried playing with celerity i couldn't play without it ever again ^^

    It's just so funny how fast you move.. running normal is nearly as fast as a blinking adrenfade ;P
    Want to spam acid rockets? just use metabolize to get adrenaline back!
    And never ever get so low on adren that you can't use metabolize.

    Metabolize in midair
    Metabolize while hitting marines
    Metabolize while jumping around
    Metabolize all the time!

    Damn i love metabolize <!--emo&:)--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/smile-fix.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile-fix.gif' /><!--endemo-->

    As for now i think adren is even one of the worst mc upgrades for a fade, at least at 2 hives. Sometimes i just take silence and scare the **** out of the rines <!--emo&:D--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/biggrin-fix.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin-fix.gif' /><!--endemo-->
    Even that makes more fun than playing with adren.
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    In the past versions of ns I used to use adrenaline because I would always be a decoy and I would blink in and out the other door. While the team is distracted from me, my whole team rushes in and wipes them out. Sometimes when I get celerity I walk around way too fast to see where my meal is. So basically it varies from situation to situation.
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    i take celerity even without metabolize.

    i take carapace even without metabolize.
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    I've started using regeneneration+celerity fade more, and I'm getting better at it. I think my skill will exceed carapace+celerity once I get a better feel for it simply because I make more runs in the same amount of time. Each run is slightly shorter (not by much, and this is like into marine start with a few marines in there), but I recover to full much sooner, not only because of regen but because I do not have the extra 100 armor to regen, meaning I make many more passes keeping the pressure much higher.
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    The problem with regeneration is that you're weaker late game, when the marines have heavier weapons. The extra 200-300 life is really worth it.

    I always grab celerity. I'll grab regneration at 1 hive and carapace at 2 hives. Focus is my SC upgrade, of course.

    I think celerity matches the hit and run aspect of the fade much better. You usually want to get in, hit, and get out as fast as possible. I don't usually want to blink around in the same room as the marines. With celerity, you can often get in and out before your life drops below 250hp. Then, you just metabolize a few times and run back in. It really reduces your downtime.
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    @original post:
    100% wrong.....

    The simple fact that a cel fade has to press blink less often because each blink returns a more powerfull bink overpowers adren.

    Not to mention he is moving a hell of a lot faster.
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    The alien forum really needs some action =/
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