Inexorable's Rules Of Command.

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<div class="IPBDescription">How to command without going insane.</div> Here's a few things I've picked up which help me keep going during command sessions. These aren't here to help you win, or beat down a mass of Onos, but they should keep your blood pressure down in the face of all the annoyances commanders face.

#1 Pick your battles: There's only so much of your commander love to go round. You should only have 3 points of interest, Your main base, A staging area prefereably close to at least 2 hives, and wherever the front lines happen to be. Everything else is a distraction, feel free to ignore it.

#2 Use your Veterans: There may or may not be one on your server, but you can spot these guys by the fact they take <i>DEdNOOB187</i>'s shotgun and clear our a hive on the other side of the map. Keep tabs on this guy. Whatever he wants, give it to him. Then have him do what needs doing. Make him squad leader, or a covert Rambo, whatever.

#3 Permanent upgrades are your friend: You will never be hounded about dropping motion tracking every 30 seconds. Once Weapon lvl 3 is researched, you never need to worry about it again. Your marines get more powerful, <b>AND</b> you can pay attention to something else. It's a win-win situation.

#4 Nobody "Needs" anything: See that guys saying he needs HA and a HMG right frikken now? He doesn't. Trust me. Feel free to ignore him. Perhaps <i>somebody</i> needs a welder, but chances are that if the guy asking for it doesn't get one, the world will not collapse. Pop one or two down quick if you team needs them, and then move on to more important things.

#5 You are not a tour guide: There are a lot of people out there who aren't familiar with all of the NS map's twists and turns. That's OK, but don't expect me to put a waypoint down every 30 feet because you don't know the way from Marine base to Powersilo. Guide people if you can, but remember that hand-holding a marine group through corridors should be very low on your priority list.

#6 You don't need the resources: After the 4th resource spot or so, you just don't need any more. Sure, marines love to jump up and down like kids at Christmas yelling "I found a vent! I found a vent! Put a resource tower here!!!11", but you don't need to be brining in 30 resources a second. Extra resource nodes are simply more places for the aliens to annoy you with "Your base is under attack" messages. If you feel you really must put something up there, place an Armory. It screams just as much when under attack, and give out free ammo as well.

#7 Ignore voice commands: This ties in with #1. Since you're no longer trying to take in the whole map at once, it's very easy to keep an eye on the marines which matter. Have they been fighting for a while? Drop ammo. Has one lost health? Drop a medkit. Important marines should never have to use voice commands because if their command isn't looking at them now, he will be in a few seconds. This also prevents you from pressing space to see a marine who desperately needs health because he decided to take on 2 Fades with a pistol in Middle of Nowhere, Wyoming.

#8 Bind important drops: Nothing sucks more than trying to drop a few medkits on marines, only to have your menu selection messed up by lag and put down an Observatory directly on your marine. Then not only do you have one marine who can't move, another couple of marines who either have to build the Observatory so you can recycle or kill it, and bunch of wasted resources; You have to mess around with the menu again before you can start dropping more ammo/medkits. It's annoying, don't let it happen.


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    We need to hook up in game. Id love to serve under you chief. Your guide is dead on.
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    I agree with you on all points EXCEPT #7. It may be preference, but I stress my team to use in-game voice commands when requesting ammo/health or letting me know that they've got an area covered. While you should always be checking up on your veterans, there are usually some good players on your team as well. You need these guys to stay alive just as much as your vets. The newbs that type "I need ammo here" can generally be ignored, but they're not using voice commands, so they really don't fit into #7.

    Other than that, I wholeheartedly support all your other points. <!--emo&:)--><img src='' border='0' valign='absmiddle' alt='smile.gif'><!--endemo-->
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    Certain marines should use the voice commands otherwise it turns into a mess. Id have to agree with the guide in that aspect.

    Cant tell you how many times health gets droped to some clueless marine because they say need health right after I did, and right before commander jumped.

    Its cost us hives before.
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    <!--QuoteBegin--Inexorable+Nov 16 2002, 03:12 PM--></span><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td><b>QUOTE</b> (Inexorable @ Nov 16 2002, 03:12 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin-->#6 You don't need the resources: After the 4th resource spot or so, you just don't need any more. Sure, marines love to jump up and down like kids at Christmas yelling "I found a vent! I found a vent! Put a resource tower here!!!11", but you don't need to be brining in 30 resources a second. Extra resource nodes are simply more places for the aliens to annoy you with "Your base is under attack" messages. If you feel you really must put something up there, place an Armory. It screams just as much when under attack, and give out free ammo as well.<!--QuoteEnd--></td></tr></table><span class='postcolor'><!--QuoteEEnd-->
    I agree with most of it except the above. ^

    If you have 4 nozzles, and already have plenty of resources, stockpiling even more is NEVER a bad thing.

    Being able to repeatedly spawn HA/HMGs to people who suck and repeatedly die keeps them happy, which also keeps you in the chair.
    Idiots have a fun time booting any decent commander who will not give them stuff.
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    My good players have the benefit that I'm always looking at them in the first place. As I said in point 1, there's usually only 3 places I pay attention to on the map, and I never hover for very long over any of the bases. So those good players on the front lines get my help immediately voice comm or not. Everybody else can jam their ammo up their **obscenity** for all I care, cause I'm not going to check up on some random guy who needs ammo. The only exception to this are the 'veterans'. I do my damndest to make sure these guys are supplied at all times regardless of where they are. Thing is, I can't tell one voice comm from another, so they either need to use voice chat or type in their needs anyway.

    As for empty resource nodes, I see it as a waste. You might get some extra resources out of it, but you're either going to spend time building defences there that could have better been used to build HA/HMGs, or your going to leave it undefended and it's going to distract you with attack messages when your concentration should be elsewhere.
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    9. If Noob Rambo somehow manages to stumble his way right outside a Hive, Don't imeditly Drop an Factory Hopeing he will build it, chances are he won't and your 25 credits is not coming back

    10. Anytime a Marine walks off by himself
    Write him off, your going to be seeing him soon at base anyway
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    The point of taking, and defending, resouce nozzles is to keep the aliens from getting them.
    If you stop taking nozzles after the 4th, on a large map with many nozzles the aliens will take, and attempt to defend, the rest. And once they do, the marines are in serious trouble, because gorges can make m-m-m-massive chamber farms, and if they get the 3rd hive they'll all go onos at once because they're so loaded.
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    I agree and disagree with the veteran thing. Good players are a blessing, often they're the only ppl that make a difference in a team, but if they go off solo playing rambo they shouldnt count on my support. I'd much rather be looking at a team of newbies working together then one solo rambo. Once the rambo lost all his armor from HA he'll be very hard to keep allive and just too much time consuming, more worth helping the newbies (as long as they weld each other).

    On the voice command remark, it's much much better if they use voice command then type (by the time you typed it it's too late or you die typing), but it's very hard for a comm to find who asked what. Not only do you have to look at the voice command name fast enough to see it, you also have to find the person then. So if I get a voice command request from someone who is not in the group of ppl I'm looking at, he better use the special menu or he aint getting it (Then again, those in the main group shouldnt need to use voice command to request items, I will be keeping them good anyway).
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    It's really your choice as to what you have the vet do. Some of them can zoom around with their jetpack and do hive assassinations, others are better when leading a team of marines. It's just good to know that if you have something you need done, you can say "[insert vet name], do ....." instead of simply saying it needs to be done. If he's just going to Rambo no matter what you tell him to do, he's not real vet material and you shouldn't treat him as such.
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    i to would go for 'resources of opportunity'.
    2 or 3 resource towers outside the base well defended. other towers only lightly defended (possibly just with trip/land mines), or not defended at all.

    setting up a well defended resource tower takes at least two marines (preferably more) several minutes and a load of rp's. all that will be lost when the aliens attack it unless you have marines there to defend it. no way you can defend all resources like that, so most will be lost at some point anyway.

    during start- and mid-game, to counter such losses you'd have one or two small roaming teams just to find resource spots that are free or lightly defended; once they'r done setting up a tower they move on to find another one. no large investment in men, time and resources so it's not to bad if you lose such a tower.
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    With the resources, maybe drop an RC but dont waste time or resource fortifying them. They are un needed. Swift marine victories is what seems to work when I play. Secure a hive after one or 2 rc centers, fortify it like your mother lives there. Start workin on the rest.
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    My only comments on it is...Good call. This is probably one of the most stressful games I have EVER played because I am usually a commander. My god going nuts in this is almost a given at times. However I try and usually take all the resource nodes I can. For awhile I get money from them and it doesn't leave them open for aliens to take. If nothing else it lets me know where they are and are going. I may not have the RP's to turrent up every single one but...most of the time my marines are advancing all over and keeping consistant pressure on the Kahraa so i don't have to worry about them coming under attack, if they do, i can usually route a marine or two over to it before it goes down.
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