Strange Problem Executing A Couple Of Scripts

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i could really use some help because im stumped

these problems may be easily fixed

i made a couple tiny scripts to help my skulk and lerk game.

first i made a leap script just because since i use q to lastinv, i couldnt leap then strafe hard left in the air because at somepoint i would have to let go of a and hit q to switch to bite, so i figured why not make a script that leaps then switches to bite for me, and i came up with this

alias +leap1 "slot3;wait;+attack"
alias -leap1 "-attack;wait;slot1"
bind "mouse2" "+leap1"

so, i put this in a config called alien.cfg which is what i use for all my separate alien tweaks. problem is when i join a game and load up the config the script doesnt execute. i press mouse2 and nothing happens. to get it to work in the consol i have to manually type bind mouse2 +leap1

i would really like to know why it is doing this?

this goes as well with my two lerk scripts. which are in a separate config as well.

alias +umbra "slot3;wait;+attack"
alias -umbra "-attack;wait;lastinv"
bind "mouse2" +umbra

alias +scream "slot4;wait;+attack"
alias -scream "-attack;wait;lastinv"

bind shift +scream

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    Try booting up a game of NS and typing 'bind mouse2' in your console, and see what the key is bound to by default. If it's not set to +leap1, then you might need to execute the alien.cfg file again, or you could have an error in your config file (ie: mouse2 could be misspelled, etc.)

    Secondly, you could need a few more waits in your script. Try one of these and see if it works:
    alias w2 "wait; wait"
    alias quickleap "weapon_leap; w2; +attack; wait; -attack; w2; weapon_bitegun"
    bind "Key" "quickleap"


    alias w2 "wait; wait"
    alias +leap "weapon_leap; w2; +attack"
    alias -leap "-attack; w2; weapon_bitegun"
    bind "key" "+leap"

    As for your lerk scripts, you probably need to add quotation marks to the bind commands so they read:
    bind "key" "command"
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    Or, one of your other configs could be overwriting the bind. Make sure the exec call for the config with this bind is one of, if not the, last commands called in whatever your setup is.
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    ya since you can bind it to leap1, that means that the script was executed but mouse2 was rewritten afterwards

    check your alien config and make sure there isnt another place where mouse2 is bound

    also see if another config is executed after your alien, and again check to see if mouse2 is bound

    same with your lerk scripts
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    when i did bind mouse2 in consol before it was like mouse2= ""

    anyway, i ended up remaking all my configs, and putting all the commands i wanted executed in every config into userconfig.cfg then just putting specific tweaks in my separate configs. anyway, it fixed it.

    thanks hart.
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