Congratulations On Site Rollout

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Bit slow, took a while, but very nice
Congrats. Believe me, I've seen some horrid site updates and rollouts as a webdeveloper, and everything seems to have gone smoothly here. It took a while to get done, and the site's slow atm under the load, but everything I can see is working as it should. Hopefully the consti STEAM_ID thing works now so I can finally get my icon back (which I haven't had since October cause it wasn't updated before the site went down).

But overall, very nice. smile-fix.gif marine.gif


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    I'm pretty impressed with the new page myself, my reaction was 'corporate image, nice.' Pretty good for what got started with humble beginnings. GJ webdevs and everyone at UWE, keep it up, make the good money, RO W/ YCO.
    RUE4<3? ;D
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    Thanks a lot. It was a lot more work then I ever imagined, and as it was my first PHP/DB project, it took me much longer then someone with more knowledge there.

    As you've astutely picked up on, a big part of the site is to inform the NS community about UWE, to make UWE/NS look appealing, vibrant and active to investors and to encourage cross-pollination between NS and our future games. Another goal was to allow the community to create more content, so the site is updated more quickly.
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  • That_Annoying_KidThat_Annoying_Kid Sire of Titles Join Date: 2003-03-01 Member: 14175Members, Constellation Posts: 5,581 Fully active user
    I think you've succeded, granted it took a little bit longer but I wasn't to suprised when it did.

    NS has come from a small hl mod with an interesting premised to one of the most polished and professional looking mods out there. People go "... thats hl?!"

    Also I'm a fan on the leetspeek name crackdown

    I think alot has been glossed over, but at the heart a ton of people [more like a couple tons of people] thank you for providing a fun and free way of killing massive amounts of time marine.gif
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    The new site is really cool. I'm a huge fan of sites with nice, clean web design, which is a great break from the horridly jumbled mass-download-host sites.
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