What Is Your Allegiance?

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Alien, Marine, or Independent?
Every once and a while I'll see a post talking about different sides like, "The 'marines' want this", or "The 'aliens' are mad because...". Sometimes this kind of talk seems to result in biased opinions and whatnot. So I'm just curious about where everyone's allegiance is, if any at all.

As for me, I always choose random cause I like to get a lot of variety out of the game. On the other hand, some people seem to be loyal to a specific side as if it were their political party. tounge.gif

So, where do you stand?

Independent biggrin.gif


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    I actually made the jump to random team last night, unless the balance is way off or one team is losing bad, I love both sides, but Aliens were my first LOVE
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    Independant.... but love being on the "weak" side, like if the aliens have controls most of the map i go marines cuase i like fighting hard to win, i dont like to "just go with the flow" and win easy, i like a HARD fight for victory

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    If the game is just starting and it's the mad rush for sides, I usually go Random unless I was just Alien/Marine three times in a row. It's a lot of fun when you get on a good server with people who like to play as a team... and then everyone switch teams after each round.
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    Kharaa. I lag too much as marine and near the marine base..... 4fps is not good for killing skulks.
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    I random, but I'm becoming partial to the skulk myself. biggrin.gif
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    Dark Urges
    Although I notice a latent urge to obey the hive in me,
    I usually try to fight it and join the smaller team
    (wich tends to be marines most of the time).

    This becomes especially tough when I start out as alien
    and then have to switch in mid game cause too many
    soldiers deserted their commander. sad.gif

    Independent (with a slight tendency towards aliens)

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  • BoddoZergBoddoZerg Members Join Date: 2002-11-13 Member: 8380Posts: 186
    I'm either a Zergling or the Commander. I don't like being a marine because I lag too badly to aim at fast-moving glings. Being commander is fun, its like playing Starcraft except that your units are yelling at you and you can drop health packs on your marines while theyre getting shot by spores/fades. tounge.gif
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    I've been playing them non-stop since 1.0 when the marines beat the living SHITE out of us, and I'm still loving them now.
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    I am partial to aliens because they were the first side I actually got to know and play, but I love playing as a marine against aliens with 3 hives, I mean from there on out its intense. One game I played actually was on eclipse where the aliens had 3 hives, they were coming at us with bile bombs and an onos rush every 3-5 minutes along with the occasional xenocide. BUT GOD DID WE HOLD ON! I told the commander that we weren't going to make it, but we had one last node so as long as you keep building turrents, handing us welders, and the occasional shotgun we will hold them off and **obscenity** them off. He agreed as did the rest of the team and towards the end, thirty minutes after this new strategy was deployed they started breaking through using an umbra/bile bomb combo that we could not beat. So I hopped into the commanders chair, dividied out shotguns and as much armor as I could put down ran out, got myself a shotty and some HA. Then, they rushed us with onos and fade. I kid you not, they all went for the CC, I took out 5 onos that round with my shotgun in less then 7 minutes. 5 onos's. I even knifed one of them, Heh, we were having a competion to see if we could knife an onos down and made a club of it "the knifed an onos to death club", but our lines broke and they took us down, I died in a corner, 3 rounds left in my shotty firing at a fade who got closer and closer to me with his scythe arms until *CRUNCH* he got me... best...game...ever....

    And to get back on subject I will go for the losing team for reasons mentioned above...
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  • AkiraAkira Members Join Date: 2002-11-15 Member: 8678Posts: 27
    Strictly Marines.

    I've play the Aliens a few times near the beginning, but it just isn't my kinda thing - i prefer to have a shotgun and heavy armour wink.gif
    If i ever join a server and there's too many marines, i just leave and look for another; i'd rather not play than be an alien, hehe.

  • ZarparchiorZarparchior Members Join Date: 2002-11-09 Member: 7929Posts: 92
    I join the underdog team ususally... Doesn't do too well for my win score, but hey - I get a lot of experience playing with idjits and n00bs. wink.gif

    However, I'm a firm believer in being adept at BOTH teams. Not only does it make me a versatile player, but it makes me a better player for either team.

    For example, if I'm on the Kharaa and we're fortifying our hive I'd know that a "good" marine team would be right outside building siege turrets or preparing for an assault before we're entirely ready. Why? Because that's what I'd be doing if I were a Frontiersman. tounge.gif

    I do have once complaint to voice too: why do n00bs always choose to be on marines and "vets" choose aliens? For crying out loud - I played a game with 8 alien players, all very good and 5 of them were in the same clan, versus my 6 marines, comprises of one average player and 5 complete n00bs. First thing I do when I put a spawn down? They all run out, with the exception of the average player... We got flattened. sad.gif

    From my experiences, Marines are much more dependent on teamwork than the aliens. I've seen a single skulk take on 3 marines at once and rear his ugly head with just a few minor scratches - against decent players to boot. And the fact that a skulk rush can destroy you entirely is **obscenity**. If the marines rushed to the hive, what could they do? Feel good about themselves before they're eaten quickly?

    Marines aren't broken. Far from it, actually. I guess I'm just complaing how n00bs will always be on the Marine team while the adept will continue tear away at them with their bitegun. I need a clan to join...

    Independent. tiny.gifasrifle.gif
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    QUOTE (LagAdder @ Nov 15 2002, 04:56 AM)
    Dark Urges
    Although I notice a latent urge to obey the hive in me,
    I usually try to fight it and join the smaller team
    (wich tends to be marines most of the time).

    This becomes especially tough when I start out as alien
    and then have to switch in mid game cause too many
    soldiers deserted their commander.  sad.gif

    Independent (with a slight tendency towards aliens)


    I've never seen the game where the marines have fewer players, people seem to be partial to marines. It was worse before 1.01 after 1.01 it evened out a bit, prolly due to the team size monitoring but people still play marines over aliens. Seems marines are slightly easier if you are uncoordinated
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  • SpaceMarinesGiegerSpaceMarinesGieger Members Join Date: 2002-11-15 Member: 8683Posts: 39
    I enjoy skulking around a bit, but I prefer a jetpack, shotgun and a welder any day. I love watching those fades try to hit me as I jump 30 feet in the air and behind them.

    Oh what a beautiful feeling it is to be sitting on a hive with a welder biggrin.gif

    Plus aliens a just plain ugly. asrifle.gif
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  • TyphonTyphon Members Join Date: 2002-11-01 Member: 1899Posts: 1,597
    I always join the team with the lower score/least amount of players, so i'm independant (although i usually end up being aliens). I like to fight for my wins rather than steamrolling. I'm a much better alien player than a marine, with fade being my specialty.
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  • JasperJasper Members Join Date: 2002-04-08 Member: 390Posts: 160
    I play aliens if they are lossing like most of the time but I dont really like them. I allways hated hem from wayback
  • PooPoo Members Join Date: 2002-11-15 Member: 8686Posts: 49
    I love Aliens!

    but when I play marines I try to pretend that I am that marine. This way I dont go on Rambo missions, I listen and whatnot. I've done increadbly well with a Shotgun and Welder. Welder rules for taking down Off adn Def chambers!
  • Rabid_LlamaRabid_Llama Members Join Date: 2002-11-02 Member: 4340Posts: 429
    I'm on the Lerk team biggrin.gif
    Gotta love having flight, being the fastest guy in the game, being indespensible support, and having an annoying-as-hell spore cloud attack biggrin.gif
    Skulk is a close second, but Lerk is definitely better.
    Oh, yeah, and those marine guys, too.
  • BouncyBouncy Members Join Date: 2002-11-07 Member: 7623Posts: 49
    i love going random team... but im more alien that marine... i like guerilla warfare so being a fade or skulk is great... hehe i love being skulk and using the wall climbing trait to get into unreachable spots and then evolving into a fade and using cloak (casue u can fire one or 2 acid missiles and not uncloak) and just slowly wasting a base from the distance.. like in the refinery area on nothing i think... dunno tho
  • XaniethXanieth Members Join Date: 2002-11-06 Member: 7280Posts: 603
    I like both, but I lean towards Aliens more if I feel like stalking and the person I was going to stalk tonight went err, unstalkable.. Or I'll lean to Marines if I've been watching Starship Troopers or Aliens.

    Or random team works good.
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  • charles_darwincharles_darwin Members Join Date: 2002-11-06 Member: 7428Posts: 24
    Marine reporting! Hoo-ah. Never played alien side in my life more than four times. Damn proud of it
  • Dark_QuartzDark_Quartz Members Join Date: 2002-11-09 Member: 7950Posts: 73
    Independent, good sir! I usually go on the team with the least members(team balancer biggrin.gif). If they have equal members, I go to the one I wanna play.
  • EidolanEidolan Members Join Date: 2002-11-15 Member: 8694Posts: 522
    asrifle.gif I like Marine my self, well since i am one WHORA! Lol. I like the teamwork the marines NEED to have and people say i'm one of the best commander's they have seen (hehe i guess all of those command and conquer hours payed off) and for some reason i can't use the bugs other weapons like i can only claw as a fade! So being anything other then a builder as bug is pointless. i just think the bugs are over powered, in a 1v1 way. Unless you have a very good commander or overwhelming numbers bugs seem to win, dose't that say something? I'm sorry but i should't beable to dump a full clip(HMG) into any bug other then Uno and have it walk away. I think if you let marines get headshots so you can keep's bug's high hit points but have a way for a good marine able to drop a bug quickly every one will be happy.
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  • CatpokerCatpoker Members Join Date: 2002-06-25 Member: 816Posts: 833
    i choose random, but sometimes i have an itch to play marines

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