Bry's Gorgerace Tonight

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<div class="IPBDescription">yay</div> Gorgerace Tonight

Brys Gorgerace finally Takes place tonight.

Race Times are 8PM, 8.30pm and 9pm (all UK Time)

Map can be downloaded from: <a href='' target='_blank'></a>
(many thanks to CoolCookieCooks for making an excellent and fun map)

We have a hltv server available
type connect

It takes about a minute to connect so be patient, the server is hosted in the US whiel the race server is in the UK.

With HLTV you can Watch the game as normal. You may talk to other hltv spectators but not players.

You may need to type spec_autodirector 0 to stop it auto switching views.

For mroe information please see <a href='' target='_blank'></a> . After the race we will provide a HLTV demo, multiple admin and player demos (hopefully) and a fraps admin demo. Let the race commence.

If you have signed up already please make sure you are in #bryns on quakenet by 7.50pm as i will be doing teams then.


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    Winners were:


    Receives a lovely vespa gorge icon

    <b>1st Race</b>

    <b>2nd Race</b>

    I recommend you use viewdemo demoname (extract demos to your half-life/ns folder ) as this will give you a bar which you can fastforward, jump to a certain spot, pause etc. HLTV demos are the best as they provide a demo from everyone and you do not need the other demos really but, they are supplied for your viewing pleasure <!--emo&:)--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile-fix.gif' /><!--endemo-->

    <a href='' target='_blank'>HLTV</a>
    <a href='' target='_blank'>Admin - Bry</a>
    <a href='' target='_blank'>Admin - Cookie</a>
    <a href='' target='_blank'>Racer - Perpetual</a>
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    the race was a great success <!--emo&:D--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin-fix.gif' /><!--endemo--> apart from the first race where the teleporters didnt work <!--emo&:p--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tounge.gif' /><!--endemo-->
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    LOL! It was so much fun.
  • KazeKaze Join Date: 2003-09-01 Member: 20447Members
    /me takes a bow

    GJ Bry and co.
  • SovereignSovereign Join Date: 2004-10-31 Member: 32563Members
    well done guys good job

    shame i wasnt in to watch <!--emo&:(--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='sad-fix.gif' /><!--endemo-->
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