Bite Vs. Leap

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I'm new to NS. Whenever I'm a Skulk, I never bother upgrading my abilities to get Leap, since Celerity gives me good enough speed. I've read that Leap does damage, but whenever I use it (rare), and it seems like I would have hit the person (when does the hit occur, at the start or finish of the move?), I don't see any blood, so I quickly revert to Bite. Is Leap just not good for attacking? Am I doing something wrong?


  • Mr_FuriousMr_Furious Join Date: 2004-07-09 Member: 29810Members Posts: 46
    use leap to close the gap between you and marine then bite, bite, bite them all
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    Mr. Furious is correct - leap doesn't do enough damage to be an effective attack - kills with it are a rarity.
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    I'm new to the forums here, fairly new to NS. I've noticed the same, but why then does it say that leap does 80 damage? Is that total damage or something?
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    Leap and charge do touch damage, if you perform the action and touch a marine for the entire duration of the attack (for leap its about 2 seconds, even after the animation is done), it does that much damage. If you leap actually on a marine 3 times, he will die. Leap is far more commonly used to close the distance to a marine. Type hud_fastswitch 1 in your console, and bind a key that's handy to lastinv (those of you using wasd for movement normally use q, or a button the mouse), then have leap and bite selected. Leap at a marine, then switch to bite with lastinv. then bite away. You can curve leap around corners and such, so learn to use it well and you can surprise marines with it well.
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    Ah, okay, that makes sense.
    Yeah, I always have last used weapon on an easy key, so it works easily.
    BTW, maybe not completely on topic, but is there any way to make it so you don't have to select your secondary weapon with a key and then hit the last weapon key to make it go back? It used to work before the last beta, and now it doesn't.
    Or would binding the key you mentioned work?
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    if you get really good like myself you can leap in bite, leap out, leap back in and bite again, the marine will have no chance of aiming at you unless he has haxlike aim like most good players do, so just practice practice practice till you get the quick switching all worked out. marine.gif
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    you don't need to bind keys for a leap bite kill. all you need is hud_fastswitch 1 and some quick fingers.
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    shouldnt this one be in the New Player Forum?
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    I don't see why, use of leap is an essential ALIEN skill, so it goes here smile-fix.gif
  • AvengerXAvengerX Join Date: 2004-03-20 Member: 27459Banned Posts: 1,675
    leap is fun to try and get kills with.


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  • grozznuygrozznuy Join Date: 2004-08-23 Member: 30830Members Posts: 4
    Leap kills are rare, I've only gotten one... Leap is generally more useful than celerity for skulks.
  • Huge_mofo_RoachHuge_mofo_Roach Join Date: 2004-02-11 Member: 26378Members Posts: 14
    leap takes i think 3secs to finish and 80dmg over this time ...

    So.. If you pin a marine in the corner and leap him he will take full 80 dmg i know cause we were having a knife vs para/leap match and me, an adren onos and a gorge with web were pinning this HA while I leaped him to death biggrin-fix.gif
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    Trick for n00bs :

    Bind a key to go to the last attack used. So before attacking marine's base, choose bite and after leap. Go near a marine, leap and press your bind key and hit again.

    Leap + Bite

    The best way to kill in one shot is to get focus, this [email protected] smile-fix.gif (The problem is when the marine have some armor, but 2 hit and "die dude". smile-fix.gif

    Get silence, its really good to with that, you can surprise the marine by attacking him from the back ^^
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  • j3stj3st Join Date: 2004-06-28 Member: 29602Members Posts: 239
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    the "q" thing which enables you to switch to the previous weapon is not only for n00bs actually. it is used very much in the higher standard too, even though i tend to press the numbers anyway : / it's just a habit from when i first started to play ns.

    and...without focus how else do you kill a marine with full health/armor?

    edit: oh the answer is devour of course, my bad
  • God_KillerGod_Killer Join Date: 2004-02-16 Member: 26592Members Posts: 503
    Lately, I press lastinv or 3 and doesnt give me leap, it sticks to bite...makes me look really noob.

    But leap incredebly rocks, nuff said
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  • j3stj3st Join Date: 2004-06-28 Member: 29602Members Posts: 239
    yup, i've tried the lastinv thing too but it seems to not change more often than if i just press the 3 or whatever the actual number is.
  • Gecko_God_Of_DooomGecko_God_Of_Dooom Join Date: 2004-02-10 Member: 26353Members Posts: 864
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    another good tactic and this enables realy quick finger, a quick mind, and of course fast switch. When you leap at a marine, try to leap past him. and turn to the left and bite him, then leap again while in air to the side of him agian, and do another bite. (this literly gets a marine spinning.) Continue circle leaping and 85% of the time, youll maybe take one or two bullets. after a little practice of course. occasionaly mix it in by leaping over thier head, and looking down for the bite.
    This works best with adrenaline. but you can only pull of 2 or 3 bites without adren
    should look like this kinda

    start here:#>
    #############x 0 x#####|
    # end here<
    # = Spae Holder
    Arrows=The way you should be leaping in general

    = Paths of leap.
    + = where leap paths cross

    maybe ill draw a picture or soemthing whenI have time.
  • AhnteisAhnteis teh Bob Join Date: 2002-10-02 Member: 1405Members, NS1 Playtester, Constellation Posts: 2,291 mod
    Leap while using your strafe keys and mouse so that you leap in an arc instead of straight. You'll be very hard to hit.

    You'll want weapon fastswitch enabled to be able to leap+bite or blink+swipe effectively. (So you can leap, hit a key and bite at the end of your leap.) On scripting enabled servers, you can also bind a key to insta-leap so you don't have to hit as many buttons. (So one key to leap, then hit attack at the end to bite.) It's best to learn how without a script though (at least for now).
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